What happens to Fashion during Design Week? Fashion Events in the Golden Quad

Design Week – every April, Milan is completely crazy. There is something happening everywhere, there are new things to discover and so many exhibitions to visit. It is an important week, not only for everyone interested in interior design, but also for the fashion world. That means there are also many fashion related events and here is a selection of our TOP 3.

The Kind Event– Vivienne Westwood

The first party we enjoyed during Design Week was by Vivienne Westwood – a great way to kick off the week.

So many incredible people, so much fun and a little glass of wine here and there to enjoy the festivities.

We discovered the new washing machines presented through the collaboration between Vivienne Westwood and Samsung and took some crazy “Instagram Boomerangs” and lots of photos with them – who would have thought you could have so much fun with a washing machine?

The ambiance was great, especially in Vivienne Westwood’s beautiful courtyard, where we chatted for a while and then left for the next event.

The Extravagant Event – Versace

If you’re looking for true fashion during Design Week, this is the right place – the exclusive Versace Party in Via Gesù.

The location was simply fabulous, in Donatella Versace’s house! But also, the whole arrangement was simply breathtaking – so many bright colors, especially pink and blue, shrill patterns and bright installations. We just didn’t know where to look first.

We looked at the great interior collection while the smart waiters provided us with small exclusive appetizers and excellent cocktails.

And just to say, this was the party with the most extravagantly dressed people – as it should be for a fancy fashion party.

And not to forget, the craziest thing of the evening: the chairs with the Versace Medusa head, which not only looked super cool, but also turned in circles. It was quite difficult to sit on them, because they spun so fast, but when you did it, it was just so fun.

The Creative Event – Stella McCartney

This event was again something completely different than the others before. We were surprised by a totally creative idea when we arrived – a tattoo menu. To match the new action of Stella McCartney #ThereSheGrows we could get adorable tattoos with different sayings.

But there was more to see – an artist was on site personalizing the bags of Stella McCartney’s latest collection. It was captivating watching her work with intense accuracy and concentration. 

artist at work

Artist personalizing the bags of Stella McCartney’s latest collection

And these were just the top 3 events – there were so many more events and parties during Design Week 2019. So, if you’re in Milan at this time of year, you shouldn’t hesitate to go down to the Golden Quad and experience the great fusion of interior and fashion for yourself – with the extra bonus of a little glass of champagne, of course.

These were events from 2019 edition.

Melanie Payge

Melanie Payge - personal stylist and assistant. Melanie is our special guest fashion blogger. After working for years in the luxury fashion industry and fashion publishing, today, Melanie is a private consultant and stylist. She knows Milan inside and out and can organize special shopping tours and showroom visit. www.melaniepayge.com