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After being shut inside for so long, we are all eager to get out and about. The weather is getting warmer, which means it’s time for outdoor sports! If you are keen on jumping back into an active lifestyle, be sure that you have the right gear.

Activewear is important for every workout, but with all the options on store shelves it can be difficult to find the right item. Stores in Italy stock international brands like Adidas, Nike and Puma, but when shopping in Milan, you will want to go home with Made in Italy sports brands that are not only functional but also stylish. Whether you need new sneakers or a headband, here are some tips to help you find the perfect Made in Italy sports gear when shopping in Milan.

Guide to Shopping for Italian Activewear at Scalo Milano

Sales seasons in Italy are in January and in July but deals and discounts when shopping for sports clothing in Milan can be found all year long at Scalo Milano Outlet & More. At this centrally located outlet in Milan, just 15 minutes from the city center, you can find fashion, sportswear and activewear at prices 30%-70% lower than in the downtown shopping district.

Here are some tips for shopping Italian sportswear brands.

Make sure it fits

Sizes and size charts are different in Italy. A US “small” might be an Italian “medium” and a US medium, an Italian “large”.  Try on clothing styles when you can and ask if the label indicates the Italian or international size.

There is nothing worse than setting out with the goal to train for a 10K then having to stop because of blisters! When shopping for running or walking shoes have your feet measured. Your foot size can change over time and you might need a different size than you did six months ago. Wear the socks you like to train in when trying on sports shoes.

When trying on fitted gear, it’s best to do so in the afternoon. Our bodies change throughout the day regulating water retention. A sports bra that fits well in the morning may feel tight later on in the day.


Diadora Tennis Shoe / Photo courtesy Diadora at Scalo Milano

Founded in 1948 producing hiking boots, from the 1970’s Diadora expanded into making football, basketball and tennis shoes. Björn Borg was their first celebrity testimonial and today Diadora it is part of the larger Geox group.

Learn more about Diadora

Do the moves

You may feel silly doing a tennis serve or a squat in the store, but it is a good test for comfort. If you can’t do the moves comfortably, then it’s not the right piece of clothing.  Your sport clothing influences your performance on the court, on the sport field and in the gym.

Power move / Photo courtesy Freddy at Scalo Milano

Get the right gear for its purpose

You wouldn’t wear cleats to go running or wear flip flops to a ballet lesson, it just wouldn’t make sense. You need the right support, stability, and flexibility for the activity you are doing.  Sports clothing and shoes should be functional and allow you to correctly and safely practice your sport. The proper support, cushioning and fit can add protection and help prevent injury.


Activewear by Freddy / Photo courtesy Freddy at Scalo Milano

Founded as a ballet shoe company in 1976 by Carlo Freddi, dancewear and fitness apparel was added to the collection and business boomed during the 80’s aerobics and dance fit craze. Today, Freddy is one of the most popular fitness apparel companies in Italy.

Learn more about Freddy

Be prepared for the weather

Rain or wind can put you off wanting to go out and exercise, but having the right gear for any weather condition will help keep your training program on track. Be sure to have a cap for sunny days, long sleeves for cooler weather and a waterproof wind-breaker for unexpected changes in weather conditions.


K-way classic windbreaker / Photo courtesy K-way at Scalo Milano

The name K-Way worked its way into Italian vocabulary as a generic name for a windproof and waterproof jacket. Originally created in France in 1965 , K-Way® is a registered trademark of BasicNet, clothing and shoe manufacturer in Turin. K-Ways fold up into a small pouch, perfect for unexpected rain or wind. 

Learn more about K-way

Choose fabrics wisely

Choosing the right fabrics for the climate and activity can make a difference. Cotton is good for light workouts, whereas for heavy workouts it will absorb sweat and be uncomfortable. For heavier workout s especially in warm climates, choose a wicking fabric like nylon or polypropylene. Wicking fabrics allow the skin to breathe, and perspiration will evaporate quickly.


Sport & Style by Kappa / Photo courtesy Kappa at Scalo Milano

Founded in the 1960’s and inspired by a John Lennon anti-war statement when he wore a fallen soldier’s shirt, Kappa founder Maurizio Vitale designed an outdoor sportswear line featuring military-style patches and the Kappa logo; a silhouette of two people sitting back-to-back. Today, Kappa designs celebrate team spirit and style and are made with functional, lightweight blends.

Learn more about Kappa

Looking good makes you feel good

There is nothing better than putting on a pair of leggings and feeling like a superhero!  One of the hardest obstacles to face about working out in public or at a gym is the feeling of being observed.  Although nobody is really judging you, the feeling lingers, and it’s discouraging. Having a workout outfit that makes you feel good will not only boost your confidence, but it will motivate you to exercise more.

In summary, make sure your sports gear fits well, is comfortable, suits your activity and protects you from unexpected weather. The most important thing is to feel good, confident and motivated. 

Whether you’re looking for running shoes, basketball sneakers or a new bathing suit, keep in mind that you can find it at Scalo Milano Outlet & More, the shopping village in Milan.

Where to Buy

Shopping at Scalo Milano Outlet & More, Milan Italy – Save up to 70% on fashion and design brands

All items mentioned above can be found at Scalo Milano Outlet & MoreGetting to Scalo Milano Outlet is easy; there’s a free shuttle bus from P.zza della Repubblica (in front of the newsstand) or from Porta Romana (in front of Corso Lodi, 2) which take about 20 minutes, or take the S13 train which stops in front of the outlet at the Locate di Triulzi station, or going by car or taxi, a 15-20 minute drive from the center of Milan. There is ample parking and a recharging station for electric cars. 

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Featured photo: Kappa at Scalo MiIlano
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