Beauty shops are prime destinations for everyone. After all, they are the go-to spot for all things skincare and body-related. As a shop owner, you’ll therefore get clients who have been through the experimentation phase and just need somewhere nearby to stock up on their lineup of products. Then you’ll have those who always love trying new things but have favorites and are huge fans of their collection. Finally, you’ll have those who need to solve specific issues, like managing acne or improving the quality of their hair. 

Large shelf inside a retail store with cosmetic products

From the basic shopper who is just there for the bare minimum to the beauty vlogger who comes in to try all the latest shades, there is no shortage of people who need and regularly visit a beauty shop. While this can be great for business, it can be a bit daunting for a new brand. Rest easy, however, as stocking up is relatively simple. You just need to make sure you have these products on hand at all times: 

1. Makeup 

You need to not only stock the standard lineup of makeup, which includes: 

  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Blush
  • Bronzer
  • Lipstick
  • Eyeshadow
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara 
  • Powder
  • Setting spray

But you will also need to stock a few brands’ full lineups. Some people are very loyal to their brand of choice, so stocking everything in that brand’s basic lineup is key. Do try to display a mix of the absolute classics and fan favorites alongside new or limited editions. 

2. Fragrances

Another huge seller for any beauty store is fragrances. You can stock the best of the best for less by shopping at Direct Fragrances online wholesalers to get great deals on each unit. Do keep in mind how much space you have in your store, however, when it comes to testing and trying out different products. The last thing you want is to constantly have everyone spray perfume to the point where individual notes are lost. To do this, have someone manning the fragrances section who can help customers first choose more wisely and, second, use less product overall when testing. 

3. Skincare

Skincare is another huge moneymaker for beauty businesses. Remember to stock products at various price points to succeed with your stock here. This way, customers will be able to pick out an option that fits their budget. You can pull out certain products that you or your staff recommends, hold special promotions, and so on to help encourage customers to buy more or higher up than they otherwise would. 

4. Haircare

Haircare today is a mix of after-wash products alongside hair care routines like scalp oiling to get thicker, more luxurious hair. Stock everything that you can think of! Go online to see what haircare influencers are recommending customers do so that you can order a small batch to test. If it flies off the shelves, order more of that item ASAP. Otherwise, you can move on to the next idea. Don’t forget to stock a mix of haircare products and hair styling products for the best results. 

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