With the increased popularity of buying and selling luxury items online, it’s sometimes hard to know who to trust. Now there is a way to check that what you bought is actually authentic. The Entrupy app detects real or fake items.

Statistics on counterfeiting of luxury fashion brands reveal the widespread nature of the problem, with estimates suggesting that counterfeit goods make up a significant portion of the global fashion market, resulting in substantial financial losses for both luxury brands and the economy as a whole. Conterfeit goods have been

Entrupy is a company that specializes in the authentication of luxury goods using advanced technology. They have developed a proprietary platform that utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to verify the authenticity of high-end items, such as designer handbags, shoes, and accessories.

Entrupy identifies and authenticates luxury items

How Entrupy Works

Entrupy’s authentication process involves taking detailed images of the item using a specialized device, such as a small microscope or a smartphone with a magnifying lens attachment. The images are then uploaded to their platform, where their algorithms analyze the unique features, patterns, and characteristics of the item to determine its authenticity.

Entrupy uses artificial intelligence (AI) to authenticate luxury goods in several ways. Here’s a breakdown of how Entrupy utilizes AI in its authentication process:

Image Analysis

Entrupy’s AI algorithms analyze detailed images of luxury items to identify unique patterns, features, and characteristics. The algorithms are trained to recognize specific markers of authenticity by comparing the images to a vast database of genuine products. By examining these visual cues, AI can identify even subtle differences between authentic and counterfeit items.

Machine Learning

Entrupy’s system employs machine learning techniques to continually improve its authentication accuracy. The algorithms are trained on a large dataset of authentic and counterfeit goods, learning from the patterns and features that differentiate them. As the system processes more data and receives feedback from users, it adapts and enhances its ability to recognize new counterfeit techniques and adapt to changes in the market.

Fraud Detection

Entrupy’s AI is designed to detect fraudulent practices commonly employed by counterfeiters. It can identify telltale signs of counterfeits, such as inconsistent stitching, poor quality materials, or inaccurate logos. By analyzing a wide range of features, the AI algorithms can detect subtle discrepancies that human observers might miss, enabling them to identify counterfeit goods more accurately.

Database and Updates

Entrupy maintains an extensive database of authentic products and counterfeit samples. This database is continuously updated with new information, including the latest counterfeiting techniques and trends. AI algorithms leverage this comprehensive dataset to enhance their authentication capabilities and stay up-to-date with emerging counterfeit methods.

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Is Entrupy Accurate?

It’s worth noting that while AI plays a significant role in the Entrupy authentication process, human expertise and judgment are also involved. Entrupy combines the power of AI with human knowledge to provide a comprehensive and reliable authentication service for luxury goods.

Entrupy’s AI-based authentication system has been recognized for its high accuracy in detecting counterfeit luxury goods. The company claims that its technology achieves an accuracy rate of over 99% in identifying counterfeit items. This accuracy is attributed to the extensive training of their algorithms on a vast database of authentic and counterfeit products, allowing them to recognize even subtle differentiations between genuine and fake items.

However, it is important to note that no authentication method, including Entrupy’s AI, can claim to be 100% infallible. When using Entrupy AI consider:

Limited Data Coverage

While Entrupy’s database is extensive, it may not encompass every single luxury brand, model, or variation. The accuracy of the AI algorithms depends on the breadth and depth of the data it has been trained on. If a particular item or variation is not adequately represented in the database, the system’s accuracy might be compromised.

Evolving Counterfeit Techniques

Counterfeiters are constantly refining their techniques to mimic genuine products more effectively. If a new counterfeit method emerges that the AI algorithms have not been trained on or encountered before, it may be challenging for the system to identify the counterfeit accurately.

Image Quality and Variability

The accuracy of Entrupy’s AI authentication relies on capturing high-quality images of the item being analyzed. Factors like lighting conditions, image resolution, and the proficiency of the person taking the images can impact the system’s accuracy. In addition, variations in the appearance of genuine items (e.g., due to wear and tear, different production batches, or aging) can introduce complexity in the authentication process.

Human Error and Subjectivity

Although AI plays a significant role in the authentication process, human expertise is still involved in interpreting the results and making final judgments. Human errors, biases, or lack of familiarity with certain brands or models can potentially impact the overall accuracy of the authentication.

It’s essential to view Entrupy’s AI technology as a valuable tool in the authentication process, but not a foolproof solution. Combining AI with human expertise and other authentication methods can provide a more comprehensive and reliable approach to identifying counterfeit luxury goods.

Brand Protection & Consumer Assurance

Entrupy can guarantee its authenticity process because many brands have cataloged their items and production process in its database. It protects the brand reputation and assures the customer they are buying an authentic item, not a counterfeit.

Reputable online platforms, second-hand stores, consignment shops, pawn shops and auction houses are using authentication technology such as Entrupy. Before buying, ask your retailer how an item was authenticated.

Download the Entrupy App

Anyone can download the Entrupy authentication services through the mobile app. Subscriptions range from Petit, which allows up to 5 authentications per month for $119 or a pro account which allows for up to 40 authentications per month. Stores and luxury resellers needing more can also get a customized Enterprize service package. Learn more here.

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Online Stores and Fashion Platforms Using Entrupy

If you don’t want to pay the $119 monthly fee but would still like the assurance that you are purchasing a real designer brand item, then you should buy from consignment shops and online platforms that use Entrupy (or a similar authentication method).

Some online shopping platforms have employed Entrupy’s authentication technology to verify the authenticity of the luxury items they sell – here are our favorites:

The RealReal

As a leading online luxury consignment store, TRR specializes in selling authenticated, pre-owned luxury fashion, accessories, and home decor.


MalistoClothing.com is an online platform offering a curated selection of pre-owned designer clothing and accessories from Italy as well as show and sample garments, providing a platform for buying and selling authenticated luxury bags.

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Vestiaire Collective

VestiaireCollective.com is a global online marketplace for pre-owned luxury fashion and accessories, connecting buyers and sellers globally while ensuring the authenticity of the items sold.


StockX.com, an online marketplace primarily focused on buying and selling authentic sneakers, streetwear, electronics, and luxury goods, employing a unique bid/ask model for transactions.


Rebag.com, an online shopping experience specializing in buying and selling pre-owned designer handbags.

How to Identify a Real Luxury Item Without Entrupy

Authenticating luxury items requires careful examination and consideration of various factors. While using a specialized authentication service like Entrupy can provide a reliable assessment, here are some general guidelines to help determine if a luxury item is genuine:

Brand Research

Familiarize yourself with the brand in question. Understand its logo, design elements, and specific features that are characteristic of its products. Visit the official brand website or authorized retailers to gain insight into their craftsmanship, materials, and product details.

Quality of Materials: Luxury items are typically made from high-quality materials, such as genuine leather, precious metals, or premium fabrics. Examine the item closely for consistent stitching, fine finishes, and superior craftsmanship. Look for signs of cheap materials, poor construction, or any indications of subpar quality.

Logo and Branding

Pay attention to the brand’s logo and how it is presented on the item. Luxury brands often have distinct and well-executed logos that are carefully placed. Check for accurate logo placement, precise embossing or engraving, and high-quality metal or fabric tags.

Packaging and Documentation

Genuine luxury items usually come with high-quality packaging, including dust bags, authenticity cards, and product information booklets. Examine the packaging for attention to detail, brand logos, and consistent branding. Be cautious if the packaging appears flimsy or lacks the brand’s official identifiers.

All in all, shopping online, at markets and auctions for luxury items, can be an exciting experience, but it’s essential to ensure the authenticity of the products. With the rise of counterfeit goods in the market, utilizing advanced technology like the Entrupy app can provide peace of mind and confidence in your purchases. Whether you’re a business owner, reseller, or an individual consumer, incorporating the Entrupy app into your authentication process can help you navigate the luxury market with greater assurance, ensuring that you are investing in genuine luxury items.

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