Cruciani Ss 2018

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(Milano, Spring Summer collections 2018) Cruciani is coming back strong in 2018 with cashmere and luxury resort wear.

Cruciani has always been known for their top quality knitwear, but their popularity peaked when they started to embroider their lacy bracelets collection. The bracelets became the “it item” to have and collect.

Coral, sky blue and silver are the themes in the new women’s collection. Earth-tones and deep blues are in the men’s collection.

Book now, decide later on was invited to get a sneak peek to see the Cruciani spring summer 2018 collection for men and women.

Italiarail [CPS] WW

The collection will be available in stores and online in March 2018.

Boutique Cruiani
Via Verri, 20121 Milano MI



Cruciani Menswear




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