About Milanostyle.com

I’m Celia Abernethy, lifestyle and travel writer based in Italy. Originally from New York , after a career in fashion and design school in Milan, I created a local blog to showcase my writing and online marketing skills. Today, I maintain my personal blogs: MilanoStyle.com and LakeComoStyle.com and offer unique travel content writing services, manage content and write for international publications and companies.


As a blogger and travel writer, I get to see and experience a lot of Italy! I can recommend reliable tour companies and share my special insights and tips with you. Contact me


All content is curated with the audience in mind. I write for the fashion-savvy traveler who loves Italian culture and style. I want to offer valuable information that will spark their curiosity, inspire their creativity and motivate them to explore Italy and the world.

I specialize in travel content featuring Italy travel destinations and culture, but my experience ranges from working in the fashion industry to graphic design, web development and usability. I also speak Italian fluently.

INFLUENCER (through words)

I may be considered unconventional or even “uncool” in today’s online social media driven society; I don’t aspire to being a social media influencer. If I personally influence someone’s decision to go to a destination through my writing, then yes, I suppose I am an influencer. I love to write and share my experiences through words.  I also like taking photos and sharing them, but I invest my time in cultivating the craft of writing and carefully planning out a marketing campaign.

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Photo above: Celia at the Cheese cellar of Il Filet Restaurant, Lecco (Lake Como)