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Milan is well serviced by a metro (subway), buses, and trams. There are also many taxis which are easy to find. Tickets are €1.50 for an inner-city transportation.
As in any big city, always use public transportation with caution regarding safety.
Although efforts have been implemented to improve conditions, the Milan city transportation system is not always wheelchair friendly.

Tickets can be bought at newspaper kiosks (especially handy when taking trams and busses) or at metro stations. You can buy a 24, 48 or 72 hour ticket or a pass for 10 trips called “una tessera di dieci”.

Please note: You will have a stroller, you will need to climb stairs. There are escalators and some of the newer metro stations have elevators but be prepared in any case to climb stairs.

Please note: You will see signs that say “stamp your ticket” it’s just been badly translation, it actually means “validate”  your ticket. You MUST validate your ticket in the turnstile and keep it to exit.

Transportation website, see map:

Updated as of July 15, 2019 

Single Ticket

Price: € 2
Valid for 90 minutes after validation, gives you unrestricted travels for all the Milan Municipality areas 1-3. The ticket is valid for a single journey on the underground or rail network, including the urban rail lines of Trenord and the ‘Passante Ferroviario’ (Urban Railway Network).

One Day Ticket

Price: € 7
Valid for 24 hours after validation, gives you unrestricted travels for all the Milan Municipality areas 1-3. The ticket is valid also on the rail network, including the urban rail lines of Trenord and the ‘Passante Ferroviario’ (Urban Railway Network).

Three Day Ticket

Price: € 12
Valid for 72hours after validation, gives you unrestricted travels for all the Milan Municipality area 1-3. The ticket is valid also on the rail network, including the urban rail lines of Trenord and the ‘Passante Ferroviario’ (Urban Railway network)

Metro, Busses, Trams and Airports (Linate / Malpensa / Bergamo Orio Al Serio)

The Milan public transportation system is set up quite well. Most areas of the city can be reached by metro, tram, filobus or bus. Services are also provided to and from the Malpensa, Linate and Orio al Serio Airports.

City Public Transportation

 The Azienda Trasporti Milanesi operates within the metropolitan area, managing a public transport network consisting of three metropolitan railway lines and 120 tram, trolley-bus and bus lines. Overall the network covers nearly 1400 kms reaching 86 municipalities. Besides public transport, ATM manages the interchange parking lots and the on-street parking spaces in the historical centre and in the commercial zones using the SostaMilano parking card system.
Metro which is what the Americans call the subway and the British call the underground. It is comprised of three lines; the red line which runs Northeast and West, the green line, running Northeast and Southwest and the yellow line running North and South. There is an additional blue line running through 3 stops in central Milan and then heading out to the suburbs. Metro entrances are marked with a red square sign with a white “M”. The Milano metro runs 6:15 untill 00:14, it’s a good idea to catch your last train no later than night.


otherwise known as trolley car, run throughout the city. They are always orange and have either a long or a short carriage. The longer trams are more modern looking than the older wooden interior box shaped trams. Tram stops as well as bus stops are marked by tall orange poles with a diagram of the tram or bus route.


are always orange as well. There are electric cable busses as well as independent busses. Between all systems of public transport you can get just about everywhere in Milan.Tickets: All tickets for the public transportation system can be purchased at news kiosks, tabacco shops, or in the metro stations from machines or ticket booths. Not all stations have a ticket booth, but many do have news kiosks. The same ticket can be used on all three types of transport for 75 minutes.

For more information about rates and other types of tickets for Milan transport:
TIPATM” (Azienda Trasporti Milanesi) is the anagram used for the public transportation system in Milan, not to be confused with Automatic Teller Machine! “Bancomat” is an Automatic Teller Machine.



Taxis are not very easy to flag down off the street, they just don’t do it here. The best thing to do is go to a taxi stand or to call one. If you live nearby a taxi stand, it is a good idea to get the telephone number. Rainy days and periods when the Fiera Milano (expo center) has events, taxis are almost impossible to find, so be prepared to wait. When calling a radio taxi, the meter starts running as soon as the driver gets the call.

A few Radio Taxi companies:
Radio Taxi 02 8585
Radio Taxi 02 6767
Radio Taxi 02 5353

 Train Info

Ferrovia dello Stato (State Railways) Train info: 147 88088 or 02 63711 – Intercity and International trains leave from Stazione Centrale. Local trains leave from Stazione Centrale and Stazione Garibaldi.


Train Info

Ferrovia del Nord (Northern Railways) Train info: 02 84477500. Local trains leave from Stazione Cadorna. The Malpensa Express train leaves from Stazione Cadorna.
From €27,50
Milan Center  Hotels to Linate, Malpensa or Bergamo Airports

Location: Milan, Italy

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Ferrovia dello Stato (State Railways)
ATM- Azienda Trasporti Milanesi 
Malpensa airport and other services:





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