Getting a Taxi in Milan

Taxi Information
Getting a Taxi in Milan

Taxis are not very easy to flag down off the street, they just don’t do it here. The best thing to do is go to a taxi stand or to call one. We have compiled a list of numbers and locations on how to get a taxi.

Taxis are not very easy to flag down off the street, they just don’t do it here. The best thing to do is go to a taxi stand or to call one. If you live nearby a taxi stand, it is a good idea to get the telephone number. Rainy days and periods when the Fiera Milano (expo center) has events, taxis are almost impossible to find, so be prepared to wait. When calling a radio taxi, the meter starts running as soon as the driver gets the call.

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TIP: Many dispatchers don’t speak English so be sure you have a clear pronunciation of your address and telephone number.

Italiarail [CPS] WW


Radio Taxi 02 8585
Radio Taxi 02 6767
Radio Taxi 02 5353
Radio Taxi 02 8383
Radio Taxi 02 3100


Via Mercato 02 861104
Cso. Buenos Aires (Lima) 02 201770
Cso. Buenos Aires (Oberdan) 02 29516533
Largo Treves 02 6552960
Piazale Loretto (Costa) 022613135
Piazza Cadorna 02 8053220
PiazzaCavour 02 29004240
PiazzaDuomo 86462013
Piazza Ospedale Maggiore 02 6431595
Via Solari 02 58100047
Largo Augusto 02 76000148
Piazza Tricolore 02 798535
Piazzale Lotto 02 4695119
Piazza de Angeli 02 463967
Piazale Baracca 02 4814415

Supplementary Charges  *
Luggage and pets: E ,25
Night trips (after 10.00 p.m.): E. 3,50
Holidays: E 1,00
Out-of-town trips: double charge.
Linate Airport: E 2,00
From Malpensa Airport to city center, double charge: E 65,00/70,00
From Linate Airport to city center and vice versa the charge is approx.: E 15,00
From Linate to Malpensa: double charge; approx. E 80,00/85,00
(via by-pass); approx. E 60, 00/70, 00 (via city).

*Please note: these are only indicative price and are subject to change.

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