Ananda by Erika Falconeri

Erika Falconeri, a model once on the runways of Milan, now shows her own collection of cashmere, silks and linen wraps.

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Erika Falconeri, a top international fashion model-turned-designer based in New York City, got much of her experience here in Milan working with designers such as Giorgio Armani, Karl Lagerfeld, Versace and Jean Paul Gaultier.
Today her label “Ananda’ is reflective not only of her fashion and design experience but also her elegance and simple, yet bold personal style.
Ananda (a Sanskrit term meaning ‘bliss consciousness’) refers to the feeling you get from draping one of her featherweight cashmere, silks and linens, soft, luscious winter weight knits and wovens against your skin.
Only the best, quality materials are used for these stunning finishing statements.
Ananda by Erika Falconeri pieces have been featured in magazines such as InStyle, Italian Vogue, Town & Country and Elle among others. Her collection is currently sold at specialty boutiques and can be viewed in her Manhattan showroom by appointment.
To buy online visit the website
To buy online visit the website


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