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It is unknown what the post Covid-19 era will bring us. Will it be mandatory to wear a mask in public? Designers, crafters and comics have all come up with their own ideas. Some ideas are great some are just plain ridiculous but whichever type of mask you choose, don’t wear a mask if it’s not going to protect you and others, wear masks that are medically safe and approved. The following are just some of the creative ideas found on instagram. (Featured image: me)

Vintage mask

Vintage mask rendering, maybe this will be the new chic!

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Crafty Mask

A quick search on Etsy the online craft marketplace for “mask” gives you over 290,000 results! Crafters are sewing and beading pretty masks, but be forewarned, masks made by craft suppliers are not medical grade and sellers should not make any health claims. Nonetheless, they are very pretty!

Sporty Mask

Gotta wear a mask, why not get it personalized with your favorite team? Be aware…it might just get you a punch in the face by a rival suporter!

Full Face mask

This textile designer took the mask to the next level. She incorporated the face shield into the mask. Clever idea that might keep away the virus but not heat exhaustion.

Art mask

“At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think we can.” – > Frida Kahlo

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