Italy is known for its history, culture, tourist attractions, and cuisine. It’s also home to Milan, one of the famous fashion capitals in the world. Milan started to be at the forefront of the global fashion scene during its emergence in the 70s to 80s era, and since then, many famous Italian brands became icons and standard-bearers in the industry. Italian fashion has always been coveted by style enthusiasts and its popularity across the globe is unparalleled to this day.  

Being the center of sophistication and style, many women around the world aspire to dress like how an Italian would. The typical everyday Italian fashion is known for featuring basics of luxury quality, often going for an understated style highlighted by key statement pieces such as a designer purse or a pair of leather boots. The style is a delicate yet classy combination of muted and cosmopolitan vibes.  

Wondering if you can put together an Italian-inspired ensemble using what you have in your wardrobe? Read on to find out how you can pull off your version of this highly-coveted style and dress up like a real Milanese.  

  1. Wear Minimal Color 

One of the distinctive features of Italian fashion is the use of muted and neutral colors. The typical streetwear for women may include a main piece of clothing to serve the base. Examples of these are long coats, pantsuits, or dresses in a solid, neutral color. The accessories are usually understated as well, using only a few pieces of jewelry or a designer handbag. As the style widely uses monochromatic neutrals, it’s uncommon to see bright colors or loud prints in their streetwear. 

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t get away with prints especially when they’re customized. Nowadays, there are many ways you can get a customized print to personalize your beloved neutral wardrobe items. You can click more here to find out how. 

A rule of Italian fashion: Simplicity is elegance / Photo by Vladimir Fedotov
  1. Invest On Premium Basics 

Premium-quality basics that never go out of style are essential in Italian fashion. This includes standard garments like t-shirts, blouses, pants, skirts, shirts, dresses, etc. While these everyday items may seem too simple to include in a highly-stylized outfit, their effect on the overall styling may be different when their fabric is of fine quality. This not only makes them durable for regular use but also makes them comfortable to wear anywhere.  

Since these basics are minimally designed, they can be worn and styled to match different seasons as well. This makes them a worthy investment to make considering that they can be worn all year round, thus reducing the cost-per wear-value.  

  1. Go High Fashion Everyday 

Since signature items or premium quality are Italian wardrobe staples, women can look runway-ready in their everyday streetwear effortlessly. It also helps that they have many basic pieces in neutral colors that are easy to match with other items in their closet to create a uniform, high-fashion ensemble.  

Though it may not be easy for everyone to dress up every day in designer items, putting together a chic outfit made up of basic clothing items in neutral and muted colors can be enough to achieve the Italian style.  

  1. Accessorize With Key Pieces 

Aside from simple jewelry items like earrings or necklaces, many Italian women prefer to accessorize with a designer purse or a pair of haute couture heels. Since the country is known for world-class leather quality and craftsmanship, these items became indispensable to local fashion.  

Wearing signature brands may not always be necessary if you’re putting together an Italian-inspired ensemble. Given this, your styling can achieve the polished and sophisticated look of the typical Italian wardrobe with a high-quality handbag and well-designed heels or stilettos that would complement your clothing.  

  1. Opt For Full Coverage 

While Italian women are known to wear clothes that would accentuate their features, the most popular clothing items typically provide full coverage and allow minimal skin exposure. The key clothing pieces are turtlenecks, full dresses, suits, jackets, and long coats which could work well especially for cold weather. During the summer, light fabrics may be more suitable provided that the wardrobe items are not too skimpy or daring.  


Italian fashion embodies the minimalist concept of “less is more”. Their distinct style proves that being fashionable doesn’t always have to be loud or eye-catching. That you could still be appealing in an understated way. As such, you may find it simple to transform your look following their principles.  

The elements of comfort, sophistication, and style commonly found in Italian fashion can be achieved effortlessly as you experiment with items in your wardrobe. While doing so, however, the key is to select pieces made with quality materials so you can achieve the elegance of Italian fashion.

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