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Celia Elizabeth designs and makes jewelry. She studied goldsmithing in Milan, Italy with Davide DePaoli and worked as his apprentice for one year.
Today her work can be found with the name MilanostyleVintage a.k.a. Celia Elizabeth handmade jewelry.

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Celia Elizabeth handcrafted jewelry made in Italy by American artist inspired by Celtic art and traditions of early European history. Using warm Earth tones; semi-precious stones like Jasper, Moss Agate and Quartz stones, natural colors and mixed metals like copper and brass the Celia Elizabeth creations are unique and all individuality handmade.
“I love working with glass beads and semi-precious stones and metals, I like mixing shapes and colors.
I use natural semi-precious stones like Fancy Jasper, Moss Agate and Quartz stones mixed with a variety of metals like copper and brass, and glass and resin beads.
Often my creations are inspired by Celtic art and traditions of the 12th to 15th centuries. I like using warm Earth tones; semi-precious stones, natural colors and mixed metals. I like to think my pieces are long lost thoughts and memories looking to come back as modern amulets and talismans.”

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“Spesso le mie creazioni sono ispirate dall’arte e tradizioni Celtiche provenienti dal 12° al 15° secoli. Mi piace usare pietre semi-preziosi, colori naturali e metalli misti che richiamano gli elementi della Terra. Mi piace pensare che sono pensieri e ricordi da un lontano passato che cercano di rinascere in amuleti e talismani moderni. “


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