Buying brand names never comes cheap. Or does it? Everyone always says you will have to shell out a good amount of money for top designer brands, however, there are a few ways of maximizing your budget and still wear your favorite labels. Businesses, specifically clothing businesses, employ a lot of clever marketing and pricing techniques to help them earn the highest possible profit on their sales. Whether that is at the peak of the season or during end-of-season sales, businesses are always looking to increase profits. For the customer, it can be very confusing to understand when they should or shouldn’t purchase clothes. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to get a better price for the clothes you have your eye on. Here are a few tips that will help you save some money on your next purchase.

1.  Generic Brands

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A lot of major retailers are coming out with their own brands whilst also selling generic items that are unbranded. These products range from food to home care items and, of course, plenty of clothing options. Things like socks and undershirts or even pajamas; all can be great options. They are usually good quality, depending on where you get them from, and they are also quite reasonably priced. These are usually items that go through a lot of wear and tear and they tend to have a short life. Moreover, it’s not as if you will be wearing them to the gala,  so no one will be the wiser. These are things you can save some money on.

2.  The Right Time

Just like airplane tickets and hotel room rates, the price of clothing can vary a lot depending on the season. Prices for clothing can fluctuate with demand. So, if a certain trend or article of clothing is in fashion and in high demand, expect to pay a premium price. You can work around this by buying during the off-season or just at the very end of a season. Buying before the season or just after the season helps you get the same things at a much lower price. The only challenge you’ll face is finding the really popular items as they tend to have run out by then. In this case, the early bird does get the worm.

3.  Deals

Retailers often have a lot of sales going on, but these are usually on items that are not selling well. If you are lucky you might get a great deal on something that is currently in fashion, but in these situations, stocks don’t last very long so you need to be quick to act. You can quickly find an abundance of both coupons and discounts on and similar online sources, which is better than seeking out discounts only. Coupons are valid for much longer. If you have the right coupon you can get things during peak season at discounted prices. Moreover, the discount is not limited to a certain stock. You can even get coupons for specific items like jackets or sweaters.

4.  Price Survey

People usually prefer to shop from the same stores when they go out to buy clothes. This is mostly because consumers want to purchase from stores that are nearby, which is easy to get to and easy to access if they need to return something later. However, this does compromise the prices. Instead, you can opt to buy online and use a price comparison app to find the best price for the product you want or need. Simply buy online and have it shipped to your doorstep. In fact, a lot of online sellers are now offering free shipping so you don’t need to worry about that either. With this service, you have access to sellers on an international basis. It might work out to be cheaper to buy something overseas rather than buying locally. That is, as long as you don’t mind waiting a little longer.

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5. Loyalty programs

If your retailer has a credit program through which you accumulate points through your purchases, you should definitely sign up for that. Some retailers offer discounts based on the number of points you have, some reward you with free gifts while others even give you access to special products that are not accessible through cash. Even though the points system is another way of enhancing customer loyalty, when it comes to saving money, this can be beneficial for the customer. Especially if you are looking to buy something that is otherwise not at a discount. If the retailer doesn’t have this option you can always use a third-party payment service that does offer that option. If you frequently shop online, there are a number of payment services that you can use and the points are just an additional benefit. Use a combination of these strategies together to get the most value for the money you spend.

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