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We met up with designer Geraldina Bassani Antivari, a fresh new star in the Milan fashion scene who has created her line of sophisticated, designer wear for women.

DSC_0040The collection

Geraldina abandons fashion, trends, and seasons to create products defined by an impeccable attention to detail, the highest quality fabrics and a refined, yet modern elegance.

The collection is stylish and designed for a decisive, sophisticated professional who may often find her needs are not met by high-end fashion labels. All of the pieces are created on a made to measure and sold via private pop up shops or by special appointment. This collection has a well-balanced mix of fresh Mediterranean colors as well as traditional smokey grays, blacks, and tans. Each item has been given a feminine name like Claudia, Nucchia, Wanda or Agatha.

Everything is produced 100 percent in Italy

The fabrics are high quality, lovely to touch cashmere, wool, and crushed velvet. Geraldina believes in preserving le tradizioni sartoriali, therefore, each item is hand sewn her sartoria (tailor’s workshop) in Milan, using traditional Italian craftsmanship and know how of once upon a time.


The Pop Up Shop

She and her team have come up with a fantastic idea for promoting and meeting a broader spectrum of clientele… they have adopted the idea of the POP UP SHOP.   They rent space in the center of town for a short, limited period of time and not only get the exposure for being in the center, but are also able to meet and show the collection to a wider audience.
Geraldina was just in Milan in January, but no worries, she will be back again soon, and is now going to St. Moritiz, London, and New York.

To find out when and where Geraldina will pop up next:



Article by: Celia Abernethy with the assistance of Melanie Payge

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