Campari Fashion Avenue with Associazione MonteNapoleone

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Article by:  Melanie Payge

The streets were beautifully decorated with red carpets and butterflies hanging from the lamps.

First stop VERSACE gets my “Best Window Display” award.

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Lovely Cristina showed me all the beautiful RED displays and the bar. This very informed Barman explained the very first cocktail made with Campari was called the “Milano/Torino” or “MITO” (Campari, red vermouth, Orange slice  and Lime)


“Best Looking Bartender” goes to LARUSMIANI.   Offering me a cocktail called the “Americano” – the story goes that in the ’20’s the Italians were tired of drinking from tiny little sherry glasses and decided to create a long drink like the Americans, hence the name (Campari, red vermouth, Orange slice  and Soda).

unknown (6)At Larusmiani Boutique with Giulio.

“Best Public” four girls dressed to the t’s. How did they get their invites.  All social network savvy, they managed on FB. Congratulations !! You’ll make it big.

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“Most Accommodating” award goes to BREQUET.

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Brand Manager, Maurizio Marino, welcomed me and let me take pictures of his beautiful guests.


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With Nicola and Giuseppe. Emerging models.

Thank you to Associazione MonteNapoleone and Campari for a “redly” entertaining evening.

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