Designer Italian Furniture Adele-C, by Adele Cassina

In the world of Italian Furniture design Adele Cassina has a historic last name. Her father, Cesare Cassina, was the leader
of a group of enlightened entrepreneurs who ignited the Italian movement of designer furniture production in Brianza’s
production district. A remarkable story that began in the workshops of post WWII Italy and
today brings thousands of visitors to Milan’s Salone del Mobile.

Adele Cassina has recently started her own company: Adele‐C. Her brand sets out to create products that
transcend trends and are ambassadors of discreet elegance.

Heading the company will be Adele herself who, as well as having a strong character, has witnessed the history of Italian design unfold from within the walls of her childhood home.
Blessed with passion and has earned, over‐time the competence for creating quality, Adele Cassina has poured
her family heritage of experimentation and creativity into this collection.
The collection is divided in two different segments which are two sides of the same coin but have distinctive
‐  The Design Collection includes the works of professional designers on products (sofas, armchairs,
bookcases, furniture accessories) which are present in everyday life.
‐  The Sign Collection includes works by contemporary artists devoted to developing the expressive
potential of materials and objects in limited edition pieces.

Together, the collections form a comprehensive range of prAdele-C_new_projectsoducts that work in concert with one another
under Adele Cassina’s savvy direction.

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