Often, we turn to easier options when it comes to styling our homes. One of the main mistakes that we make includes painting the whole house in the same boring shade of white. Other times, it’s opting for that beige or grey sofa because it will match everything else. Some of us even go as far as buying a colourful vase and thinking that we’ve made a style statement. Far from it…

Throw away that boring paint and start being adventurous! Your home is supposed to reflect your personality. Do you think your home truly shows who you are? If you can’t wait to bring your home to life, read on to discover our top 3 suggestions on how to turn any room into a style statement!

1. Feature walls to make the room pop! 

One of the most impactful and dramatic ways to turn any room into a style statement is by choosing a gorgeous wallpaper mural!

When it comes down to finding the perfect feature wall, it’s similar to choosing the right dress. You have to find a design that works not only for the shape of your home but its current look and personality. Instead of spending thousands on an abundance of new décor, choose an on-trend wall mural to completely transform the room. 

Wallsauce has a fantastic range of wallpapers that will really make a style statement in your home. From moody dark florals and decadent terrazzo marbles to relaxing forests and tropical beaches, there’s sure to be a gorgeous mural to suit your taste. Don’t you just love this Subtle Tones terrazzo wallpaper in the room above?

All its murals are custom-made to fit your wall perfectly and are available in a range of wallpaper materials. Choose from premium or classic paste the wall or self adhesive wallpaper!

Are you renting? Peel and stick is great for you. It is easy to install and when you need to move out, gently peel it off and it will cause no damage to the wall.

2. Statement sofas that stand confidently on their own four feet!

Another fantastic way to add instant personality into a room is by choosing a statement sofa! At the moment, the world of interior design is enjoying loud and proud sofas! From dark or dramatic shades and a flurry of pattern to luxurious velvet textures and studded antique styles, you will be spoilt for choice! 

Although there are beautiful luxury sofas available, you don’t need to spend a fortune on a new sofa! If you’re creative and are handy with a staple gun, why not upholster your old sofa with your favourite new fabric to bring it to life? Or if you want a quicker and possibly cheaper alternative, simply add a colourful throw and scatter cushions.

Even adding a statement armchair can transform a room and really make a fantastic style statement. Step into the room you want to change, whether it be a lounge or bedroom, and pick out your favourite colours that are currently in the room. Look at your framed art, the fabrics and ornaments you have already chosen. Select one of the colours and choose a fabulous new armchair in that shade! Or again, visit your local thrift shop for your next upholstery project!

3. Flooring to give your room a completely new look

Our floors are often forgotten when it comes to redecorating our homes. Usually, we move into a new place and accept that the flooring is what it is and try to work around it. But this is such a waste of not taking the opportunity to make a huge style statement! If you think about it, the floor is one of the biggest expanses of space in our homes! 

The beauty of choosing style statement flooring is that they come in a range of designs, textures and costs. Our best suggestion is to choose linoleum flooring. They are usually cheaper and easier to install. From vintage tiles, rustic woods and even pretend grass, there are some really funky floorings out there to choose from.

Similar to style statement murals, when you install your gorgeous new flooring, remember that it is the main focus of the room. If you choose a highly patterned and colourful design, try to keep the rest of the room as minimalistic as possible. This is when it’s okay to go for that subtle shade of paint! But don’t be scared to add one or two tasteful pieces of colourful décor to mirror the colours in the design.

When choosing a style statement for a room, carefully think which of the above ideas would best fit the room you are thinking of. Maybe statement flooring would look great in your bathroom or kitchen? A colourful sofa in your lounge and a beautiful wall mural in your bedroom? We hope that this article has made you excited to find a new style statement for your home!

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