Dresses are sometimes the hardest item of clothing to choose. Finding the right dress can sometimes seem like winning the lottery. It is exciting and awesome, but often totally random. The secret to finding the best dress is having a plan. If you have an idea of what you want before you shop, you can find that perfect dress anytime you shop. Here are some tips for choosing from various dress styles and then styling the dress with the right accessories.

Choosing the right dress length

Not all lengths are right for all body shapes. If you think you can purchase a dress of any length and have it work for you, you have another thing coming. A dress length that compliments your body, or at least one you can accessorize to make it compliment your body, is essential.

For example, if you are petite, a floor length dress will hide your figure. Being tall is wonderful, but short skirts don’t always show off legs in the best flattering way, it’s best to show off your height without showing too much skin.

A midi dress is a great solution for different body types. It’s not to long and not too short and are increasingly becoming must have for both fashionista and business wardrobe. Length wise, they are the chameleons of the dress world. When you pick a midi length, you show off just enough lower leg, but not too much. You can adapt the look further by changing the shoes you wear. Even adding other accessories can help you get the exact look you want and make yourself look the desired height.

Choosing dress colors and patterns

One of the things you need to know about dress shopping is the length of the dress is not the only thing that can affect how tall or short you look in the dress. The color or pattern also matters. The best rule of thumb is to only wear patterned midi dresses if you are on the taller side. If not, stick to solid colored dress selection. That goes for midi dresses or dresses of any other length. A solid color can make you look taller than you actually are.

Consider the design and fit of the dress

Another thing you must think about is the general design and fit of the dress. Reflect on where and what you will be doing while wearing it. A dress for an active day of work meetings will need to look good all day long. A dress for a formal event will need to be both comfortable and stunning. Consider the quality of material it is made of and how it hold up three hours into your event. If you already imagine it becoming a wrinkled mess, then you know it’s not right.

Other things to consider are: Do you want long sleeves or short? Should you choose a body-hugging or free flowing skirt style of dress? Is the dress style you are considering appropriate for the climate in your location? Those are all questions with answers that can help you get to the root of which dress is right for you.

Look at any additional features the dress offers

Many dresses have an extra something special that makes them stand out. Often, choosing such a dress is the best option. It lets you express a bit of individuality. However, it is important to select a dress with additional features you actually want, need or like. For example, a dress might be sequined, have pockets, or have a sash. If the latter is true, the sash might break up the appearance of the dress, drawing attention to your waist and upper body. All such embellishments on a dress need to be considered so you can figure out how it will look on you and function for you.

Style your new dress quickly and easily

Once you have selected a dress you love, you should still style it. The jewelry, shoes, purses, and other accessories you choose have a major effect on your overall look when you wear it. For the easiest and quickest styling, make a mental note of accessories you already own that you can match with your new dress.

Taking the time to consider your outfit choices ahead of buying will prevent that last minute rushing around to prepare for an event.

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