Titanic Denim Rocking the Fashion Boat

Fashion alert!

Watch out for Titanic Denim –
they will be shooting their new ad campaign in Milan this summer. If you’re lucky, you might just get to see the behind the scenes.
Titanic Denim is the new denim causal-wear created by Marie Nancarrow and has is adorned and admired by celebrities such as Katy Perry, Usher, Def Leppard, Whitesnake, Muse, Milie Cyrus, Sting and Paul Simon to name a few.
Marie NancarrowMarie Nancarrow studied textiles and fashion in Belfast, always had a love of travel and always adored Italy where she initially taught English  until she mastered the language and quickly got back into the fashion sector.
She worked in the Italian fashion industry in Milan for many years during the 90s – design, sample production, retail, dressing, and modelling. She was also employed during this time in a small family company producing sportswear as a designer, cutter and sample maker.
Extensive travel around the world to Asia and the Caribbean as a flight attendant taught her the importance of adding color and texture to her creations. The whole Italian experience was absorbed and directed into her original designs produced by Titanic denim, combined with the world-famous Made in Italy craftsmanship.
Titanic Denim creations are available for purchase on-line at www.titanicdenim.com


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