Poems from Milan,

original poems by Celia Abernethy


Corner cafe

Having a cappuccino

at the corner cafe

in Milan

looking up at a lady

hanging her laundry out

on the line

she dreams of those days

she was young and free

she pulls her hair back and looks down at me.



I met a girl named Sarah

she said she was from Australia

she told me she came with dreams

of being in a magazine

but found herself broke and alone

now working at a hotel answering the phone.


Remembering my Grandfather’s eyes

A shining ice blue that radiated warmth

I would press my face so close to him

I could study the dilating of his pupils

I would wonder if mine did the same thing

At the same time

He used to tell me his eyes turned blue

From looking so much out to sea

Sometimes I would see a look in his eye

As if he were really looking out to the sea

Searching for something

Trying to remember

I remember my grandfather’s piercing blue eyes

My grandfather’s eyes bright and blue

He yearned for something

Something far and distant

Something far and distant

But close to his heart

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