Halfway between Milan and Turin, at the foothills of the Alps lays Valle Mosso, a small town in the province of Biella. Since medieval times it has been the forefront of wool weaving and manufacturing. The long stretches of pastures and copious rivers have provided the the perfect grazing lands and energy resources to raise and cultivate fleece over the centuries.

Pin1876 manufacturing plant / Historical photo courtesy Lanificio Botto Giuseppe & Figli

Lanificio Botto Giuseppe & Figli

In 1876, Giuseppe Botto Poala, affectionately known as “Pin” established the Lanificio Botto Giuseppe & Figli wool mill which today carries on the patented process of the traditional and skilled craftsmanship of the original founder.

Pin 1876 has created a distinctive collection of trans-seasonal scarves made in 100% cashmere using the exclusive spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing processes.

Made In Italy

Using only the finest quality Alashan cashmere from China, the raw material is processed, worked, finished and packaged in the factories of Valle Mosso, Biella and Tarcento, Udine.

The collection offers a rage of over 50 colors and the mixed mélange weaves preserve the natural colors of the fleece and other earthy tones. Woven designs vary in geometrical patterns stripes and diamonds.

The Pin 1876 collection is manufactured by Lanificio Botto Giuseppe & Figli, an environmentally friendly company which uses Hydroelectricity, Solar energy, Mulesing-free sheep and eco-friendly dyes.  

10 Ways to Wear a Scarf

Pin 1876 products are distributed in Italy, Germany, Japan and the USA.

For more information http://www.pin1876.com/en/

All photos courtesy Pin 1876.

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