The Celia in Italy online platform has a new look!

The online platform comprising, and showcasing the essence of Italian lifestyle and travel, is delighted to announce the launch of its new logo and icon design.

The Design

The incorporation of the Bourbon Lily and stars embodies Celia in Italy’s commitment to providing her audience with an authentic and enriching experience of Italian culture, travel, and lifestyle.

The logo incorporates the iconic Bourbon Lily, representing life and elegance in Italy, and is embellished with stars, paying homage to the American origins of founder, Celia Abernethy. The 3 stars represent each site in the collection:, and

Just as the lily signifies life and elegance in Italy, it holds the seeds of La Dolce Vita philosophy which the publications advocate through informative articles, custom travel itineraries, guidebooks and social media content.  La Dolce Vita encompasses a lifestyle that cherishes the joys of simple pleasures, celebrating the beauty of everyday moments with passion and enthusiasm. It’s about finding elegance in the smallest details and embracing a sense of leisure that allows one to appreciate life’s luxuries.

The addition of stars in the logo is a tribute to Celia’s American heritage. As the founder, Celia’s passion for Italy and new life in Italy led her to establish this platform, bridging the cultural gap between Italy and the United States. The stars not only represent her country of origin but also symbolize the boundless possibilities, aspirations, and dreams that have driven the success and expansion of and its sister sites and

The new logo design will be featured on the websites, social media platforms, and promotional materials, creating a unified and distinct visual identity for the brand.

For more information about Celia in Italy or the websites and its latest logo design, please feel free to send a message.

About Celia in Italy

Celia Abernethy is a former NY/Milan fashion model now living and working as a travel writer and advisor in Italy.

She has gained the trust of an organic audience of over 50K readers and her work has appeared in in the press on HuffPost, Medium, ForbesTravelGuide, Lux-Afrique, and more.

Through storytelling on her blogs, she weaves a tapestry of informative content that inspires and guides style-savvy travelers looking to experience the beauty of Italy, advocating the philosophy of la dolce vita which inspires good living, integrity, and quality.

Celia is a 5-star travel advisor with ViaHero (USA)., and are leading online platforms dedicated to showcasing the beauty, elegance, and allure of Italy and offer a treasure trove of information, tips, and recommendations for travelers seeking an authentic Italian experience. From fashion to food, travel destinations to lifestyle, each portal provides a comprehensive guide to the very best that Italy has to offer.

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