Diamonds are a girl’s best friend! Or are they? Every woman would like a piece of diamond jewelry as part of her wardrobe, but has anyone thought of a more affordable and ethically sustainable alternative? There is an ethically sustainable alternative to conflict diamonds and it’s called moissanite. It is more and more common that couples are choosing this precious mineral-turned-gemstone for their engagement and wedding rings. In terms of comparison, moissanite stones display more brilliance and are a cheaper alternative to diamonds. Their cost-effectiveness does not imply that they are of low quality – far from it. Some people still maintain that belief and may think a moissanite ring is like the iconic Ring Pop candy. In reality, if you intend to purchase a ring based on a mid-size budget, and want the same brilliance, resistance and beauty, then moissanite rings are the way to go.

Diamonds or Moissanite?


Which would you consider the ideal gemstone for your engagement ring – diamond or moissanite? Thanks to lab technology, scientists can synthesize moissanite stones in a controlled environment. This process makes moissanite a better alternative to blood diamonds. There are also lab-made diamonds. However, moissanite stones provide a cost-effective option and disperse more brilliance than their counterparts. Even though moissanite is similar to others in terms of appearance and properties, it looks slightly different, even more appealing on closer inspection. If you have an ethical stance on human rights violations, this precious gem is your ideal choice.

Discovering Moissanite

Dr. Henri Moissan / Wikimedia

Dr. Henri Moissan, the man behind the discovery of moissanite, came across the mineral for the first time in the 1800s, at a meteor crash site in Arizona. It wasn’t until the 1980s that a leading jewel company in North Carolina discovered a way to convert the precious mineral to gemstones. Moissanite comprises silicon carbide (SiC). This compound plays an essential role in the production of LED light bulbs and other related products.

But how do lab scientists make moissanite? As mentioned before, the SiC compound grows into gigantic crystals, with these experts’ skills and technology, after which they are cut into smaller precious stones. It is worth mentioning that only Charles & Colvard, a jewellery-manufacturing company, has the exclusive right to produce moissanite gemstones. They are responsible for the legal sales of these precious gems across the United States. That is not to state that other illegal entities don’t trade moissanite counterfeits on the market.

Moissanite Properties and Why You Should Have One

Moissanite mineral / Wikimedia

When weighing moissanite’s toughness on the Mohs hardness scale, the gemstone scores 9.5 – a figure next to diamonds (10). Hence, it has the same ability as its counterparts to withstand pressure and damage. If you are considering a cheaper but quality alternative to diamond rings, you have it – moissanite. You can rock rings made from this stone for a lifetime without any worries.


When speaking of appearance, moissanite gives more brilliance than diamonds. Stones of this material appear more radiant, catching the attention of everyone wherever you go. Diamonds don’t come close to the “sparkly” effect they produce. To purchase a one-carat moissanite ring, you may have to spend anywhere from $300 to $400. Anything less than that is likely a counterfeit. Most importantly, these gemstones do not come with a conflictual history.

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