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A great way to start the week! has been awarded #9 on Feedspot for Best Italy Travel Blogs!

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The Top 10 Best Italy Travel Blogs are:

  1.  Italy Perfect Travel Blog | Italy Vacation Rentals
  2. Italophilia
  3. Wandering Italy – Guide to Traveling and Experiencing Italy
  4. Italofile
  5. Dream of Italy
  6.  Italia Slow Tour
  7. ShegoWandering
  8. Delicious Italy travel guide
  9. Milanostyle
  10. Timeless Italy Travels Dream, Discover, Experience

Followed by The Guardian – Italy holidays, Travel Magazine – The pleasure of traveling in Italy, An American in Rome Italy and many other great travel blogs.

Being in the top 10 is a great honor. It is validation that the quality and standard that we strive for at has been recognized and appreciated. Although I would like to take all the credit for it (just kidding), my thanks and gratitude goes to the team working behind the scenes of; Adam, my business coach and SEO consultant, Alex, my social media manager, Chloe and Anthony who help with content creation and the team at Intellifluence who help me manage brand collaborations. Most of all, I would like to thank YOU, the readers. Your feedback, curiosity and questions are invaluable!

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