In a surprising turn of events, the captivating Edoardo Santini, hailed as “Italy’s Most Handsome Man,” has gracefully veered off the runway of modeling to embark on a journey toward priesthood. The Catholic News Agency reports that at just 21 years old, Santini, who clinched the prestigious title at the age of 17 in 2019, had initially envisioned a future adorned with the glitz and glamour of the fashion world.

In an Instagram post to his fans, he announced his decision:

“I don’t want to be a photocopy of the others, I don’t want to be a photocopy of the world. “

Edoardo Santini

A multi-talented individual with aspirations in dance, swimming, and acting, Santini’s trajectory was poised for stardom after winning the national contest. However, divine plans unfolded differently. The allure of the spotlight and catwalks would now be replaced with the sacred calling of the priesthood, an astonishing 360° pivot.

Making his proclamation in a compelling social media video on November 23, Santini expressed his intention to “become, God willing, a priest.” Reflecting on his transformative journey, he acknowledged encountering individuals who exemplified what he sees as “being the church,” inspiring him to explore his calling.

In January 2020, he said he came face-to-face with “the real church” and began sharing his spiritual journey on social media, stressing that living in God transcends confining oneself within church walls. Santini emphasized feeling supported and free of societal expectations despite facing opposition from his grandmother, who had different expectations for him.

Having spent a transformative year living with priests, Santini decided to enroll in the preparatory course, a precursor to seminary life. Presently studying theology and serving in two parishes of the Diocese of Florence, he shared the intricacies of overcoming personal fears and breaking down self-imposed barriers.

Additionally, Santini documented his profound experience at World Youth Day in Lisbon, Portugal, through Instagram. At 21, having wholeheartedly embraced the Lord’s calling, Santini candidly expresses his newfound happiness and fulfillment.

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