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As a New Yorker and of Irish heritage, St. Patrick’s Day has always been special. My dad played in NYFD Bagpipe Marching band and Mom never missed an opportunity to make Irish Soda Bread.

St. Patrick’s Day is not celebrated in Italy (unless your name is Patrizio), but Milan is an international city, and the Irish have come! There are several authentic Irish pubs in Milan serving Guinness and pub food.

St. Patrick is the patron Saint of Ireland. March 17th is celebrated not only as a religious day but a cultural heritage day. According to legend, St. Patrick drove the all the snakes out of Ireland. In reality, Ireland never had any snakes; the term “driving out the snakes” is used symbolically for having converted the pagans to Christianity.

You don’t have to be Irish to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

It is traditional to wear something green and pin a shamrock to your lapel for good luck.
So, get your green hat out and head on over to the pub!

Here are a few Irish pubs in Milan:

O’Connell Country Pub
Via Brera, 3, 20121 Milan
Tel. 02 7209 4888

Mind The Gap
Via Curtatone, 5, 20122 Milan
Tel. 02 2222 2050

Crazy Patrick’s Irish Pub
Via Zante, 21, 20138 Milan
Tel. 339 461 9221

Pogue Mahone’s
Via Vittorio Salmini, 1, 20135 Milan
Tel. 02 5830 9726

Pogue Mahone’s
Via Vittorio Salmini, 1, 20135 Milan
Tel. 02 5830 9726

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Via Giuseppe Govone, 28, 20155 Milan
Tel. 02 345 1694

Murphy’s Pub
Via Montevideo, 1, 20144 Milan
Tel. 02 8324 2151

Tin Whistle – Irish Pub Milano
Via Lodovico Il Moro, 55, 20143 Milan
Tel. 02 813 7670

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