Merchandising is one of the simplest, yet smartest, ways to diversify your business’s income. It’s also a sign that you’ve made it. You don’t, after all, merchandise a brand-new business right off the bat, because you have to prove to your customers that you deserve to be remembered first. If your brand suddenly goes viral, or starts to have a steady influx of customers, however, then you can and absolutely should look into designing a merchandising line. 

For that line to be successful, however, you absolutely need to create effortlessly stylish products that people aren’t just happy to wear to support you, but are happy to wear, period. To do that, your merchandising line will need to have these top four traits: 

Excellent Quality 

Before you worry about the design, you firstly need to find a supplier. What the supplier in question actually has to offer will then inform you on your design. More than just their options, you’ll really need to investigate the quality. If you’re serious about using merchandising to further your marketing efforts, then you need the products to speak for themselves. Yes, they’ll have your logo and branding on them, but the base product must be high quality, and well-designed to start with. This gives you a great canvas that you can then customize into your own product line. 

It’s also essential to work backward when designing merchandising products. Go to a quality supplier like Anthem Branding, figure out the specs you’re working with, and then create designs that match those specs for the best quality product. 

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Eye-Catching Designs 

Once you know the specs that you’re working with, it’s time to create some designs. For the best results, you need to do more than just enlarge your logo and call it a day. You can revamp this said logo in so many fun and unique ways. You can create a special badge for a beanie hat that contains your logo and a unique motif that represents what your brand is all about. For example, if you own an outdoor apparel company that sells stock from many different brands, you can create your own merchandising line that really highlights what you do while putting your own brand front and center. 

In this instance, consider adding your logo to an earth motif for that beanie. You can also create amazing nature-inspired designs that have your logo seamlessly worked in for shirts, hoodies, and backpacks.

So long as you put art first, and your logo second, you can get people to actively buy your merchandise as a first resort, not as a cheap second. 

Designs that Make Full Use of Their Canvas

You need to really consider what you can do with the shirt, beanie, or hat so that the design you create maximizes the space. This is how you can easily make your product line stand out. Far too often, merchandising lines look like a logo was just slapped onto a shirt and it was called a day. By being more creative with the use of space and with the printing options available to you, you can create a truly integrated piece that looks like it was designed intentionally — because it was. 

Switch Things Up 

Finally, don’t be afraid to switch things up. Keeping to limited design lines can actually drum up interest and make your pieces feel more like collector’s items. This is particularly true if you run special lines for holidays and other notable periods throughout the year. 

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