Casual Style for Men – How to Perfect Your Ready-to-Wear Style

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Casual style or ready-to-wear fashion may seem like the easiest to get right. After-all, you just wear your everyday clothes, right? Actually, you will probably be surprised to learn that getting your casual style just right is one of the hardest fashion tasks. It is not easy to get the balance of looking sharp while staying comfortable, but also remain elegant and without being scruffy.

Using the best ready-to-wear brands, such as A.P.C can help, but you also know exactly what to wear. Showing up at the beach in your chinos is hardly going to cut it. Equally, arriving for an evening informal business meeting in your shorts won’t win you any prizes, either.

In this article, we will walk you through the concept of casual wear and point to what ready-to-wear items should be essential pieces in your wardrobe. See the MilanoStyle style section for more about fashion and design.

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Staying Casual

Perhaps the biggest benefit of casual clothes is flexibility and functionality across a range of scenarios. With the right ready-to-wear items, you can dress to impress in informal and more formal settings, look good out and about, or even just hanging around your home.

However, the freedom of casual wear means that it can sometimes be overwhelming getting your style just right. There is so much choice, but our advice is to just keep it simple and all times.

Understanding Casual Wear

Perhaps the first thing to know about casual wear is that it is not a specific style. In the most accurate sense, all casual wear is something that you couldn’t typically wear in a formal situation.

While casual style is about a relaxed look, it should not come at the expense of elegance. Think laid back for everyday use, but with a touch of class. You are looking to achieve comfort and looking good.

One of the best things about casual wear is you can really show off your individual fashion taste. Casual clothes are available in all shapes, styles, and colors. Remember the golden fashion rule if you are deciding what to wear for any occasion… it is always better to overdress than underdress.

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Essential Casual Wear Items for Men

  • Denim Jeans – Your go-to, use anywhere, any-situation clothing garment are jeans. Such a versatile item, jeans can help you get away with a look in all but the most formal of scenarios. Whether you are going to a party, relaxing at home, going to the beach, or even doing some DIY, jeans have you covered.
  • T-Shirt – Want something to accompany your jeans? Well, a t-shirt is going to get the job done most of the time. Whether you choose a plain T or a top with a logo or other graphic, nothing says comfort by style like a well-chosen t-shirt.
  • Chinos – What happens if you have an event that is more formal than jeans but not formal enough for trousers? This is where the good-old chinos are a welcome addition to your wardrobe. Functional for many different occasions, even for hanging out and relaxing, chinos are a must-have in your casual wardrobe.
  • Casual Shirt – If you want to blur the lines between casual and formal, you will need to pair your chinos with a casual shirt. Think a Ralph Lauren shirt and you have the right idea.

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