Before the global pandemic, Milan welcomed 11 million tourists through its borders. Many came to explore the chic stores, high-end cafes, and breathtaking architecture. As the pandemic ends, millions of people are swarming back into the lively metropolis.

You might be part of the millions of people visiting here. But before you book your trip, you need to know the best luxury hotels in Milan.

So read on until the end to find out the best spaces to rest your head for the night!

1. Hotel Principe di Savoia

Hotel Principe di Savoia is the only place to start when speaking about luxury hotels in Milan. The hotel is notorious for big-name celebrities spending the night in town.

The palace-like hotel is sandwiched between the central station and the city center. It sits in Piazza Della Repubblica, only 2km from the iconic Milan Cathedral

Inside, you will find dark wood furniture and lavish materials throughout the hotel. There’s a stunning mix of modern and traditional interiors. 

2. Four Seasons Hotel Milano

The Four Seasons hotel brand is always a safe bet for luxury in every city across the globe. There are now 121, and the one here in Milan is there with the very best. 

It’s arguably the most beautiful. The building and courtyard have everything associated with Italian style and glamour. 

On a hot summer’s day, you can cool off in the swimming pool, which was once a 19th-century wine cellar. Or with a craft cocktail at the all-day Stilla bar. (Feature image: Breakfast at the Four Seasons.)

3. VIU Hotel Milan

VIU Hotel Milan is not as popular as some hotels on this list, but that doesn’t mean it’s of lower quality.

The hotel has a modern and contemporary design. And that’s evident in its rooftop pool. There are 124 rooms, and each one is bright and airy.

Along with style and comfort, the hotel offers guests plenty of entertainment. A signature cocktail over the aperitivo DJ set is an unmissable ordeal.

4. Grand Hotel et de Milan

Size isn’t everything, and that’s certainly the case at the Grand Hotel et de Milan. The five-star hotel only has 73 rooms but is brimming with charm and character.

This historic building has been standing since the early 1860s. Today, there are over 20 suites that range up to 100 sqm. These rooms overlook the gorgeous courtyard or Via Manzoni, Milan’s busy shopping street.

You can book an airport transfer and get from any of Milan’s airports in under an hour.

5. Bulgari Hotel Milano

From the first moment you step foot on-site, you can feel that it’s an upscale establishment. You will find many luxury hotel amenities here, including a spa, pool, gym, and cocktail bar. 

This urban oasis is the perfect spot to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Inside the grounds are shady green spaces with comfortable seating.

Just outside are the picture-perfect Brera Botanical Gardens. Here is where you can enjoy a pleasant walk on a summer’s day.

Experience the Best Luxury Hotels in Milan

You will never run out of options for hotels in Milan. But the only way to truly experience “The Fashion Capital of the World” is by sleeping in glitz and glamour. And you can do that now since you know the best luxury hotels in Milan!

Rooms in these hotels book out fast. So, book luxury accommodation today for the best price and avoid any disappointments! Need help finding the right fit and to plan your itinerary in Milan and Lake Como? Click here for more information.

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Article by Celia Abernethy

Feature image: Breakfast at the Four Seasons, Milano

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