The Hybrid Experience at Toyota Milano is reader supported and contains ads and affiliate links. This in no way affects the quality or the integrity of the content.’s Fashion Blogger, Melanie Payge visited the Toyota Hybrid Space in Milan. (September 2013)
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I’m deciding;  Eco? Normal? Sport?
The Synergy wall. ..
What an emotion! Toyota begins by asking you if you want the emotional or adventurous experience.  As I walked into the showroom I was already amazed by the “Synergy Wall” – it electrified me ( Photo above ) . I was transported into a three dimensional geometric figure of light.  At this point, I was already emotional – so I jumped into the ES 300 for a test drive.
( Photo above) I was transported around Milan center (no ecopass needed) in pure silence. At one point I looked over at my exquisitely handsome driver and said, ” but you’re that Vampire” (he’s identical to Robert Pattinson of Twilight)  he just smiled and took me back to the showroom – without a bite :).
toyota-tech2Most every thing else was technical. Percentages of sales and distribution. But my most interesting conversation was about the Why go Hybrid?!!
Being American, I rode in their first hybrid car Prius in 1997. I think every one in America who drives a hybrid does it for the good of the environment (in fact, the USA makes up 41% of the world wide market ) but in Italy the marketing is based more on not having to bother with the ” area C” and reducing ones costs for petrol and car maintenance, which are all valid points — And the point being the with each hybrid sold our children will breath easier and longer.
I’m getting one – especially if “Edward ” becomes my permanent driver.
Limited time to try a Toyota Hybrid
FROM 16 Sept  TO  28 Oct 2013Toyota Hybrid Space
Via M. Gonzaga 7- Milano
(MM Missori)
OPEN everyday from 11:00 to 19:00
Article by: Melanie Payge
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