Pack your beach blanket and sandals! A new train line between Milan and Genoa will get you to the seaside in just 1 hour! In a groundbreaking development, the dream of a swift train journey between Milan and Genoa, taking less than an hour, is becoming a reality.

The recent inauguration of the first 8.5 kilometers of the new railway line, part of the unique Project Third Genua Viaduct Junction, marks a significant step towards enhancing regional train services between Tortona and Novi Ligure. Spearheaded by the Webuild Group, the general contractor overseeing the project for the Italian Rail Network (Rete ferroviaria italiana), this initiative is a pivotal component of the larger plan to fortify the Genoa-Milan connection.

The Mega Viaduct Linking Milan to Genoa

Comprising the Third Genua Viaduct and the Genoa Junction, this massive project, aptly named ‘Project Unique,’ aims to bolster the Genoa-Milan link. This connection is integral to the Reno-Alps Corridor, facilitating transportation between Genoa and the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam. Positioned as a key axis in the Trans-European Transport Network (Ten-T), the project is strategically crucial for efficient cargo and passenger movement within the European Union.

The Third Genua Viaduct Project enables trains to travel at a maximum speed of 250 kilometers per hour, traversing the provinces of Genoa and Alessandria to reach Milan. This represents a revolutionary advancement for Northern Italy’s rail transport, holding strategic importance not only for the region but for all of Europe.

Government Commitment and Milestone Achievements

The government’s commitment to allocating the necessary funds on time in accordance with the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) emphasizes the significance of this project. Edoardo Rixi, Vice Minister of Infrastructure, emphasized the commitment of all stakeholders, from the Commissioner to the involved companies, to adhere to the timeline for completing Europe’s largest railway project. As excavation progresses and technical solutions are finalized, the project is well on track, as affirmed during the inaugural journey by Commissioner Calogero Mauceri.

Commencing Regional Services and Economic Impact

Starting January 15, six regional trains by Trenord will operate between Tortona and Novi Ligure, revitalizing the Milano-Novara/Arquata Scrivia route. The reopening of Pozzolo Formigaro station, following necessary infrastructure enhancement and restyling works, adds a crucial stop to these journeys. With three morning and evening commuter train pairs, passengers can now comfortably travel by train, ending a six-year hiatus in service.

The benefits extend beyond passenger travel, positively impacting freight traffic with the introduction of the new Rivalta Scrivia hub. The new Master Plan for Rivalta Scrivia station, coupled with the integration of the Third Genua Viaduct at Tortona and the Alessandria-Piacenza stretch, allows freight convoys to reach the new Rivalta Scrivia hub. This development significantly supports the growth of the Interport, a vital logistical hub for the region.

Infrastructure Enhancement for Future Growth

The interventions at Rivalta Scrivia, involving the addition of four new 750-meter tracks and dual access to the Raccordi (Rte and Interporto) in the station, augment the existing hub’s capacity. Executed in multiple phases to ensure continued functionality, these interventions also include the installation of a state-of-the-art fire prevention system for handling hazardous goods transportation. Ongoing works will further equip the railway yard with modern fire prevention infrastructure, increasing its market potential.

Simultaneously, Rivalta Scrivia station will witness the creation of new canopies, underpasses, and platforms in 2024, making it more accessible and user-friendly. Special attention will be given to accommodating individuals with disabilities or reduced mobility, ensuring inclusivity in railway travel.

The inauguration of the initial segment of the Third Genua Viaduct Project signifies a monumental leap towards transforming rail travel in Northern Italy. As the project advances, it not only fulfills regional transportation needs but also contributes to the broader European vision of an integrated and efficient transport network. The commitment from the government, coupled with the operational success of the first segment, sets a promising precedent for the realization of this ambitious railway project.

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