Private Tour: A Stroll Around Milanese Historical Craft Shops


Private Tour: A Stroll Around Milanese Historical Craft Shops

There is more to do in Milan, than gaze at models with chiselled cheekbones, in well-tailored suits.
Explore ancient Milan, and experience the artistry and craftsmanship that is still alive and well today. Visit different workshops, get demonstrations and enjoy the creation of beautiful art.

It is true, Milan is the city of shopping. But be careful, there are various ways to do this. While we usually associate the word “shopping” with fashionable clothes, there is actually an authentic world that goes beyond well-known brands and shopping centers.

Tour different workshops and receive authentic demonstrations by artisans at work. A private guide takes you through the streets of Milan to experience artistic traditions and craftsmanship still very much alive today. Whether it is being restored or created new in the ancient style, it’s a historical speciality that is not to be missed. Artists, art lovers, and history buffs alike will love this tour.

We dedicate this amazing experience to those curious travellers aiming to find something special (it might be an object from an old craft shop or a local food delicacy) choosing to shop for quality in historic Milanese workshops.

Our English speaking professional local guide will take you for a stroll around these magical places, to introduce you to their owners, their stories and the perfumes that you can still breathe in these old and authentic shops, which have made and continue to make the stories of our city.

The artisans in Milan’s ancient and picturesque streets demonstrate textile restoration, woodcarving, book restoration, keeping their wonderful history alive for you to enjoy.

Starting from: Milan, Italy
Duration: 3 hours

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