Tino Sana Museum Foundation and Wood Group of Confederation of Italian Industry Bergamo show the exhibition

“Nomadic Landscape”

Ex Ateneo • Piazza Reginaldo Giuliani • Città Alta di Bergamo

5 – 20 September 2015, from 10 am to 11 pm

On the occasion of the third “Wood001 Il legno dalla natura alle cose 008 Il legno dalla natura alle cose

from Nature to Things” edition

Through the agency of a group of company that operate in the sector of the wood, the

exhibition means to awaken public opinion to the use of the wood as raw material.

“We use the wood, we take care of the environment” this is the principle that inspire “Wood

from Nature to Things”. Wood is a eco-friendly rapidly renewable raw material, the use of

which promotes the balance of the greenhouse effect.

On the occasion of the exhibition ” I Maestri del Paesaggio-International Meeting of the

Lansdcape and Garden ” which involves the upper town of Bergamo, Wood from Nature

to Things will exhibit “Nomadic Landscape” supervised by Basaglia & Rota Nodari

architecture firm, which also mount the exhibition.

“Th005 Il legno dalla natura alle cosee responsible use of wood as a raw material promotes the growth of natural forests and

preserve them as “young”, that is able to grow and to continue the absorption of CO2. A

fact that may surprise is that in Europe, wooded areas are ever-increasing and only 64%

of this increase will be bound for cut”, Guido Sana explained, who is the deviser of Wood

from nature to things. “We want to mean that is environmentally correct to cut a mature

tree from which the wood is obtained to make the objects that we use in everyday life: it

might seem a provocation but it isn’t and the data prove it”.

There are many companies in the sector of the wood that every year agreed to attend the

exhibition, at this edition are: Bertoli Valentino, Ceroni & Partners, Falegnameria Adda,

Falegnameria Guerinoni, Fratelli Mager, Fas Pendezza, Filippi Legnami, Gamba

Imballaggi, Gamba Serramenti, Imex, Le Soprano, Legnami Zanella, Loue, Losa Legnami,

007 Il legno dalla natura alle coseMaxColor, Minelli, Mobilificio Fattorini, Riva Yacht, Società Legnami Paganoni, Sartirani

Legnami, Tino Sana, Valsecchi 1918, Wood Friend.

All the company are united in the passion for this natural living material that retains the

CO2 absorbed by the environment and it not returns the CO2 until when it burns or

The project embraces the theme of the exhibition “Masters of the landscape”: “Landscape

that fed: crops make the landscape”.

“We wanted to tell the world of wood as a crop: rows of stylized trees that rise on a black

cork field represent the rebirth of an disfigured environment due to the deforestation.

From the trees is possible to extract valuable treasures due to the skill of those who

expertly transforms this material so noble” Alberto Basaglia explained. “These objects

make a journey: from natural landscape to new environments, anthropic places and

preserving their primordial character”. Natalia Rota Nodari said.

As a corollary to the exhibition, the workshops for children organized by the Carpenter

Museum Foundation and the Joinery School of CFP from Curno are planned on

September the 13th in the morning. Is not to be missed, Woody Night Show with music,

art, food and lots of wood, scheduled on September the 11th .

The exhibition is extended also to the streets of the Upper Town and Lower Town of

Nomadic Landscape is represented by a small green traveling island and it wants to

convey the concept that the landscape is also food for the spirit. People who come to visit

Bergamo and Upper Town of Bergamo in these days can feed on what they saw and close

the sensations in an ideal trunk and take them in as much inspiring contexts… as a small

picnic basket from which you can take out some little home-made deliciousness in

The exhibition is sponsored by Confederation of Italian Industry Bergamo, Federlegno

Arredo, Ersaf, Afi and Comune di Bergamo.

The supporters of the project are: Legno system from Madignano, Vami from Grassobbio,

Elettro Impianti from Pedrengo, Cooperativa l’Albero from Almenno San Salvatore, Clay

Paky from Seriate, Ellepigrafica from Curno and Diemmebi from Vittorio Veneto.

Ex Ateneo • Piazza Reginaldo Giuliani • Città Alta di Bergamo

5 – 20 September 2015, from 10 am to 11 pm

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