Milan Hotels with reasonable prices and great locations

It has happened to all of see a great deal advertised for a hotel and the excitement of getting the SPECIAL DEAL overwhelms you and click!, you’ve booked  hotel room in a city far, far away. Then you get there and well…the entrance is in the building they showed on the site, but it’s a little door off to the side, the lobby is not a bright and sparkly as the touched-up image on the website, the receptionist is drab and slow, the room is ok, but smells like ammonia and the city-skyline you had hoped to see from the window, is actually a view of the back parking lot and humming air-conditioning  units.

Ciao! I’m Celia. Originally from NY, I’m now living la dolce vita and on a mission to live it to the fullest! I hope to inspire you to explore Milan & Lake Como, the culture, cuisine and creativity. Feel free to browse the blog or book a video call with me. I'd be happy to share my insider tips about Milan & Lake Como with you.

Does this sound like something you’re familiar with…well it has happened to me! Here is a clever video (in Italian) of the ad for Holiday Inn Express… it’s brilliant!  It depicts perfectly the inconvenience of booking a “special deal”. I laughed so much when I saw it- I’m even tempted to looking into booking a  Holiday Inn Express for my next trip! (there are locations all over Europe) There are several locations both  in Milan and  in Rome. The prices are incredibly reasonable and the locations are very strategic. I even looked on the website for prices during peak seasons and surprisingly they were quite affordable for a weekend  in Milan . Video

MILAN HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS HOTEL LOCATIONS – reasonable prices and great locations

Holiday Inn Express Milan Malpensa Airport – great location for early flights or stay overs at Malpensa Holiday Inn Express Milan Assago – great location for sport events and concerts held at Assago Arena Holiday Inn Express Milan Garibaldi Station – great location for the city center, Brera art district and close to the fashion district, or for train travel with Freccia or Italo fast trains

ROME  HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS HOTEL LOCATIONS – reasonable prices and great locations

Holiday Inn Express Rome East Holiday Inn Express Rome San Giovanni 

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