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Italy Opens to European Tourists May 15, 2021

Update May 10, 2021 | Italy has been working hard to reopen by May 15, but there are still countries from which they will not allow travelers. You may enter Italy if you have had a negative test or can prove that you recently recovered from Covid-19 and if you’re fully vaccinated then Italy says go for it! But be sure to check in at the checkpoints around popular tourist attractions and on trains because authorities may require swabs.
Travel to Italy is on hold for: Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh. Special measures for passengers arriving from Brazil are required. Tourism from the USA is not recommended by the state department. Learn more

Italy Recovery Fund: 435 Million Euros For Vintage Trains

Update May 4, 2021 | Railway tourism is making a comeback in Italy. The National Recovery and Resilience Plan is allocating € 6.7 billion to forgotten railways, trails and lesser known itineraries in an effort to revive the country. Soon, we will be able to ride as passengers on vintage steam trains and locomotives through the Italian countryside.
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Can US citizens travel to Italy?

Update May 3, 2021 | Non-essential travel (i.e., tourism) to Italy from most non-EU countries (and including the United States) is prohibited. Essential travel is allowed and includes students, businesspersons, EU residents, and relatives of Italian citizens.

A 5-14 days of self-isolation/ quarantine is expected of anyone arriving, even if you have been tested and arrived on a “Covid-free” flight. Fines for non-compliance can range from 300 – 3000 euro.

Government restrictions, health measures and rules regarding domestic and international travel in Italy change frequently.

When will Italy open to US tourism?

The opening to US tourists is unknown at this time.
The US Embassy in Rome  has issued a Level 4 Travel Advisory for Italy recommending that travelers avoid all nonessential travel to Italy. In addition, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has issued a Level 4 Travel Health Notice for Italy due to COVID-19 concerns and similarly recommends that travelers defer all nonessential travel to Italy.

Travel within Italy

Traveling from one region to another may have restrictions. Each region is color coded with according to Covid-19 risk factors; white (low risk), yellow (low-medium risk), orange (medium risk), red (high risk).
To travel for essential reasons such as business, study or medical reasons, travel between regions requires a self-signed certificate stating your reasons for travel.

From June 15, to travel to another region for non-essential reasons such tourism, travel between regions will require  a “green pass” proving you have been vaccinated or recovered within the last 6 months or tested negative for Covid-19 within the last 48 hours.

You do not need a green pass if you returning to your place of residence. The green pass (a digital QR code with your id and details) is issued when a vaccine is completed, or a test has ben administered.

Throughout Italy a curfew remains in effect from 10:00pm to 5:00am

Travel to USA

US citizens already in Italy may depart and enter the US at any time.

Travel to the USA for tourism is suspended at this time. Entry into to the USA of foreign nationals who were physically present within the Schengen Area, including Italy, within 14 days prior to their entry or attempted entry into the United States is suspended, per Presidential Proclamation 10143

Immigrant and nonimmigrant visa services are limited and may take longer than usual.
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Travelers from India are banned from Entering Italy

Update April 27, 2021 | Covid-19, Minister of Health Speranza signs ordinance banning entry into Italy for travellers who have been in India over the last 14 days

Health Minister Roberto Speranza signed a new ordinance banning entry into Italy for those who have been in India over  the last 14 days. Residents of Italy will be allowed to re-enter with a swab test on departure and arrival and with a mandatory quarantine. 

The new measure will remain in force from April 27 to May 12, 2021.
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Pacentro is an Italian town of 1,131 inhabitants in the province of L’Aquila in Abruzzo . It is part of the Peligna mountain community, in the Majella national park and is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

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