Summer is on its way and tickets are being booked! India is one of 2019’s top travel destinations. Keep cool and mix and match ethnic and European styles.  Here’s what you should wear when travelling to India this year. 

India has hot weather but it can be extremely hot especially during the summer. Temperatures can go up to 105-115 degrees Fahrenheit. Indian summers are very hot which means you need to wear light clothes as modestly allowed, cover up and stay cool and hydrated. India is one of the most beautiful countries with its stunning forts, rich culture, the famous Taj Mahal, dense forests, wildlife, beautiful islands and coral reefs.


Chomu Palace, Rajasthan


Here are some ideas of what to wear during the hot summer months in India.

Cool whites

Indian summer whites are a must during the hot summer months. The reflective colour will keep the sun off your skin. The white will keep you relaxed when you are out in the heat as white is an emotionally calming colour.

Kurta tops

Kurta is a traditional dress that can be dressed up or down


A traditional kurta can be dressed up or down to give you different styles. The kurta has solid designs that you can pair with printed pallazo pants, jeggings or denim pants for a casual or formal event and still feel airy and comfortable. You can also pair them with leggings to give you a loose comfortable look that is chic but still conforming to the Indian dressing standards. The kurta has different dress designs that you can choose from for your summer collection at Stylecaret.

Kurti jacket and lehenga

During the summer, India has many festivals and cultural ceremonies to attend. The short kurti jacket made of linen and silk designed like a half coat dressed with a plain or pleated lehenga will give you a casual look for the summer festivities or just an outing with friends.


Cotton is light and will keep you cool

Cotton is a very comfortable fabric that you can wear day or night during the summer months. If you prefer to go for the organic and eco-friendly look, you can choose from a variety of tunic dresses and salwaar kameezes that have a modern style.

Summer dresses

Just like the summer dresses worn in the hot summer days elsewhere, the Indian summer dresses come in different outfits. You can dress casually in a stylish sleeveless Indian outfit with shorter hemlines during the day and dress it up for a fun evening. The kitschy prints, floral prints and pastels give you that summer feeling. The maxi dresses and the skirts can also be an excellent choice when you are out on the beach.

Indian ethnic look

If you are going for that Indian ethnic look, the salwaar kameez is a great option to dress for Indian events. A simple silhouette compared to ethnic Indian outfits like anarkalis and lehengas. It’s designed in a way that the embellishments are much lighter keeping you comfortable and with less volume.


Palazzo pants

Loose comfortable palazzo pants are chic and elegant


During the hot summer days, these are a must wear. These trendy loose pants are a favourite with many fashion stylists. You can style them with a classy white T-shirt and a pair of funky chappals or pretty slippers. You can also experiment with printed palazzos with spaghetti tops and tunics.

Skirts and shorts

Your summer wardrobe would not be complete without skirts and shorts. You can try on different styles with t-shirts and tops to give you multiple looks. A cute summer hat will transform the outfit to give you a complete summer-ready style.

Tops and tunics

Indian summer outfits have chic cotton and linen tops like the tie-dye off the shoulder top, spaghettis, strapless, tubes or shoulder tops. You can easily dress them up with shorts, skirts and cotton trousers to give you that cool and casual look. The cotton tunics can be worn with leggings, pants or jeggings or accessorized with a stylish belt.


Jumpsuits are great for eve occasion and travel well


Jumpsuits have been growing in popularity in the recent past. Made with light fabric, the jumpsuit is designed in different variations. Depending on the occasion, you can choose the longer or shorter variation. You can pair the lightweight cotton jumpsuit with a light long-sleeve cover-up and platform shoes that are very comfortable and keep your feet higher from the dust and dirt from the ground when walking outside.


This is a fabric that was loved by Gandhi. This handmade fabric was very popular in India. Although Indians now prefer the western type of dresses, khadi is making a comeback since it’s a perfect dress to keep you cool during the summer heat.



Linen absorbs moisture and allows air to circulate freely keeping you cool

Linen looks more like a netted cloth which makes it ideal for the hot summer months. It absorbs moisture and allows air to circulate freely keeping you cool even when outdoors. It comes in different varieties of designs to choose from. The linen shirts and tops can be worn with denim shorts or printed or plain palazzo pants and chic slippers or slip-on to give you that casual look.

Lighter denim

Denim in a lighter variation can also be worn during the summer season. To give your Indian summer outfits some contrast, you can include denim in pastel hues of yellow, peach or orange. Denim dresses and dungarees can also be chic summer Indian outfits when paired with white cotton tops. The flared pants can be styled up with comfortable tops or tunics to give you that laidback summer look.


Indian middle-aged and older women will usually wear full saris to the beach and only hike up their skirts once they step into the water. Their bathing suits will often cover the stomach and also have a small skirt around the waist to hide their curves. However, you can wear your favourite bikini and the men can put on short swim trunks and speedos.

In Conclusion

India is a beautiful country with lots of beautiful sceneries and cultural festivals to attend during the summer. Although Indian summer months are hot and very humid, having on the right clothes will save you a lot of trouble. Knowing what to wear in order to keep cool and comfortable will help you to enjoy the weather and not limit yourself from the outdoors. Indian traditional designs have evolved into modern styles that are both slick and comfortable to wear to different occasions.


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