Road trips are the most common vacation for families and can be economically sound and a great way to spend time together.  Unfortunately, there’s a lot more planning that goes into a road trip than just deciding to get in the car and go.  The following are the most important things to consider when setting up your schedule and how to ensure that everyone has the best time possible!

Decide Your Largest Destinations First

Deciding your largest destination frees you up to simple things along the path to and from it. Then, working out from the destination, you can choose lodging, restaurants, and landmarks between your home and that destination.  Although not every road trip needs one big goal, having a plan gives you something to look forward to and something that breaks up the journey into at least two parts.  

Let Everyone Pick Stops

Allowing everyone to choose a stop enables everyone to feel invested in the trip.
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Picking stops may seem like a task to the adults, but you should also let your kids pick finishes within reason.  This could mean allowing your kids to pick different small theme parks and zoos along the way, or if a group of friends is going together, it could be fun to pick niche and bizarre roadside oddities along the way.  Allowing everyone to choose a stop enables everyone to feel invested in the trip.

Figure Out Food Plans

Food is a necessity, but it should also be a fun part of the trip.  Plan what restaurants you want to stop for and what meals you can pack ahead of time for cheap.  The best way to ensure that not all of your meals are fast food is to pack a lot of fresh fruit that will survive the first leg of the drive.  This means barely ripe bananas, crisp apples, and other goodies that don’t need to be refrigerated.  Although they don’t beat a hot cooked meal, having fresh produce will make a trip feel less like a chore.

Timing Decides Gas Prices

Gas prices are often lowest in the summer, which works out perfectly for families to get away during their vacation breaks.  When exploring Canada and looking for a winter holiday home , summer is the perfect time to drive and look at real estate for sale in Whistler instead of risking the snow and cold of winter.  Traveling in the summer can save you hundreds in the long term, as long as you buy gas intelligently.

If you want to travel in the winter, you can still save money on gas; just ensure that you shop around before settling for a gas station.

Make a Budget For Yourselves

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A budget will keep you from buying every souvenir that catches your eye.  Instead, you’ll have a precise amount that you can spend every day, and if you budget correctly, you can get more oversized items.

Your budget should plan for gas costs, hotel costs, food costs, and entertainment costs.  Although other things will come along, it’s essential to already have savings in a flat tire or a cracked windshield.

Research housing ahead of time to either book early or have a clear plan for where you’re going and how much you’re paying at these locations.

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