90’s Style House Video Filmed in Milan by Wlady

The new music video Ginevra by Italian DJ, Wlady was filmed in Milan at the newly developed building complex Porta Nuova in Piazza Gae Aulenti, near the Garibaldi train station. The new skyscrapers make up the new skyline of Milan.

In the video Wlady (pronounced VLAH-dee) is escorted by his fleet of custom styled Hummers and a three man squad of  body guards for an afternoon outing  downtown.  His fans recognize him, ask for autographs and dance for him. He even makes a new talent discovery and gives his card to a street performer.

The music

The music categorized under House in itunes, is a groovy, pop track with a 1990’s style bass organ sound. Reminiscent of both Joe Smooth’s Promised Land and Show Me Love by Robin S.

What I like

Apart from the music, the thing I like most about the video is the human interaction. We never see Wlady, but we see how he shakes hands, hugs or high fives the people he meets.

The fans asking for autographs, bodyguards driving armored cars and crowds of people at the disco all turn out to be a dream, Wlady finds himself being woken up and back in his humble Fiat.

Excellent shots of the new downtown area and skyscrapers of Milan.

Watch the Video

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