This is the night that Milan’s Golden Quad turns into, for some, an opportunity to create an event for the opening of fashion week, and for others a social nightmare with thousands of intoxicated youth roaming the streets.’s Fashion Blogger and personal stylist Melanie Payge takes us to all the hot parties on Vogue’s Night Out, the annual,  one-night-only shopping extravaganza and celebration of fashion as a global event. MILAN September 16, 2014.

6:00 pm –

I start “checking out ” the pre-party preparations – Vivienne Westwood  has a fabulous courtyard and you can see their gorgeous tattooed bar men setting up with SKY VODKA – all in occasion to launch – uniquely painted scarves and T’s. Next CAMPARI reddens up the windows of the tiny tiny little Braccialini boutique in Venezia. ( Since young drinkers flock to CAMPARI, I couldn’t imagine what they would do with such a crowd ). Jil Sander was open only to trusted clients. vouge-night-out-2014 Photographer: Criscapo –Vivienne Westwood / Sky Vodka – Braccelini /Campari crowd – Jil Sanders /Ca’ del Bosco

7:00 pm –

Notice that the BIG brands: Prada, Dolce Gabbana, Armani, LV etc. , have nothing at all going on and are simply empty but must stay open until the wee hours of the evening ( I was secretly told, “in past years we have experienced damages” . vouge-night-out-2014_b Photo: Criscapo – Joy Tate: Deborah Mascari: Hillary Kraft: Melanie Payge – Atelier Gianlvca Saitto with Nicoletta his top seamstress and at Tom Ford with Emanuele, my super favorite in the men’s department. –The VIPs are out

7:30 pm –

Finally, the real reason why there should be Vogue night : TRUE FASHION! The event I’ve been waiting for, FEDERICO SANGALLI launches his amazing innovative fabric: fiber optic electrically lighted threads woven into precious silks. SANGALLI has created an iridescent wedding dress, which lights up the Center stage at San Babila Theater . He’s combined technology with tradition – Genius! The entrance to the Theater is lined with his Atelier’s pedal machines and seamstresses who hand-sew each and every creation of Federico’s Haute-Couture collections. Congratulations! vouge-night-out-2014_c Photo: Criscapo. 1)Federico Sangalli, Melanie Payge and Luisa the Atelier’s h

8:00 pm –

Heading towards Via della Spiga, I notice the crowd outside Braccialini (the only place with people) obviously not pushing and shoving to get a look at the decorative bags but just to get a sip of “the red stuff.” Spiga is already packed lines exiting stores which promise refreshments, I just take a peek into a few places: SPORTMAX (fun new animal print collection), BELSTAFF, MERCATINO MICHELLA, PACKERSONS. No one seems to be in the stores but all just packing the streets.

vouge-night-out-2014_d  Photo: Criscapo –Via Montenapoleone from Larumiani going towards Spiga /Bellstaff with Eric Hall

8:30 pm –

DIRK BIKKENBERGS – fun party – perfect party house! DJ music blasting, Super beautiful girls dancing with MP3 players, a photographer taking pictures as you walk in and then they hand you a beer – Now that was a good idea. vouge-night-out-2014_e Photo: Criscapo – Dirk Bikkenberg- MP3. Entry Picture, My favorites Francesco and Eder.  Aren’t they handsome

9:00 pm –

Last event of the evening, ARMANI HOTEL BAMBOO BAR cocktail event. I felt like I was waiting to get into a Armani Privee’. The roped-off crowd, huge, but gorgeous, intimidating security guards, the lovely hostess with the guest list. Ohhh and my luck she noticed me so we were the third group to be let in. PS Thank You . I love the ARMANI HOTEL BAMBOO BAR it has become my favorite place to go certainly not only on vogue night

Armani Hotel Milano Lounge 1Armani Hotel Milan Lounge

Here’s the next event I will be attending:

September, Tuesday 23rd

Incanto BelleEpoque – Wine Tasting Dinner with the Producer 

In the elegant and sophisticated location of the 7th floor of the Armani Hotel Milano with a stunning view on the Milan’s skyline, the Armani/Ristorante and the Armani/Bamboo Bar’s exclusive initiatives and unique events calendar restart after the short summer break. On September, Tuesday 23rd will take place the Incanto BelleEpoque – Wine Tasting Dinner with the Producer event. Stars of the soirée, an exquisite menu created by the Executive Chef of the Armani Hotel Milano pairing different aged and production  methods champagne flutes. The prestigious French Champagne Maison with the qualified Armani/Ristorante’s service  will explain the products that will be served and the pairing with the courses.

The event will start at 8.30pm with an Aperitivo in the refined Private Dining Room, and it will proceed in the unique ambiance of the Armani/Ristorante. Cost: €110,00 pp with champagne pairing included.

Info and booking: Armani/Ristorante

Via Manzoni 31 20121 Milano, Italy

Tel +39 02 8883 8702

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