Feb 8-10 2019 The Milano Tattoo Convention Italia will be held once again at the prestigious Milano City Fiera (Mi.Co) hosting international tattoo artists from around the globe.

FEB 8-10 2019

Who hasn’t thought about getting a tattoo? Tattoos are a fashion I haven’t had the courage to try myself but I like seeing the creative designs people are wearing!

Tattoo Fashion & Superstition

Massimo Boldrini a.k.a. Max. looks like someone you certainly don’t want to mess with. He’s 6ft tall, with broad massive shoulders and has tattoos that spread from his collar to his neck up to his face and forehead.
Max is owner of Mr. PMA. One shop in Erba and one in San Remo PMA stands for “Positive Mental Attitude”.

When asked about his own tattoos he says “In the past, tattoos were taboo and people would get tattooed on body parts they could hide; arm, shoulder, leg, back. Nowadays, it’s fashion, it’s expression– they want the tattoo to be seen and now tattoos are done on parts of the body where they can be seen; hands, neck and even face.”

Gianmo, a barber at Mr. PMA in Lecco, is also covered in tattoos. His designs depict nature, birds and butterflies. He explains the myth of the Three Tattoos:

“People say it’s unlucky if you have less than three tattoos. This comes from sailors. A sailor would get a tattoo in the port he left from, a tattoo in the port he arrived at and a third tattoo when he returned home.   It’s considered unlucky because if you don’t have the third tattoo, it meant you didn’t return home safely.”

The Milano Tattoo Convention is an opportunity for professionals from all over the world to share trade secrets and show off their latest designs and techniques.

FieraMilanoCity is the original exhibition center which has been renovated and is closer to the city center(6.5 km from Piazza Duomo, Milan’s city center).

NOTE: There is also another fairground/exposition center called Milano Fiera Rho which is further out of town, so don’t mix them up!

How to get to Milano City Fiera (Mi.Co)

Directions to the Milano City Fiera (Mi.Co) are quite easy.

Fiera Milano City is easily reached by metro at the stops Lotto or Amendola (red line).  Click here for a metro map.

Where to stay

The expo center is not difficult to get to from the center of Milan, but if you prefer staying near the fairgrounds here are some suggestions on where to stay:

Hotels near Fiera Milano City

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