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E.U. Clears Americans for Travel to Europe

Brussels, June 17, 2020 – U.S. tourists can travel to Europe this summer, European Union lawmakers in Brussels said on Wednesday. The officials agreed to recommend E.U. member states lift travel restrictions that have been in place for Americans since early 2020. The region will also add the United States to its list of ‘safe’ countries for tourism, alongside the new additions of North Macedonia, Albania, Serbia, Lebanon, and Taiwan also earning the status. Both changes are expected to become official on Friday, according to a spokesperson for the European Council. Read more on CNTraveler

Green Pass for Travel

Rome/Brussels, June 15, 2020 – For Travel in Italy the “Green Pass” will be available for travel within Italy from June 15th. It’s will allow travel between different tier regions and facilitate travel to the islands of Sardinia and Sicily. The Green Pass is a QR Code stored on your smartphone or can be printed which holds all the information certifying a traveler’s immunity to Covid-19 virus. A European green pass, digital certificate will be activated From July 1, 2021 and will allow travel between EU states.  Read more on

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New M4 Metro Line to Linate to be Inaugurated

Milan, June 8, 2021– A ribbon cutting ceremony has inaugurated the new boarding area of Linate airport and the new Milano metro line M4 leading to Linate Airport is almost complete. This is great news for frequent travelers to Milan and international commuters.  

The new improvements to the Linate Airport located only 15 minutes from the Milan city center will improve transit and travel to Milan.

On the new metro line, there have been some delays on completing the section between Linate and San Babilia but initial test runs are due to begin in July. Full completion and operation is set for the end of 2022.

Giuseppe Sala, the mayor of Milan has announced that sections of the new M4 will start opening soon and he has promised that it will be done with caution saying, “Making it work for the sake of making it work I believe is doing harm to citizenship. Having said that, I really care and I believe that by July we will take a test trip to show what the subway is like. The next step will then be to think about the other sections, in particular the arrival to San Babila, scheduled for the end of 2022, is important to me. ”

Translation of Tweet: “The new boarding area of ​​Linate Airport has been inaugurated. A ribbon cutting of great value for our city and the country, because it testifies to the desire to look towards the future, thanks to the strength of projects and ideas.”

The Milano Metro line M4, the Blue line, will run east to south-west. It has been designed to facilitate travel to and from Linate Airport to the city center and to suburban areas such as Lorenteggio.

The line runs between San Cristoforo and Linate with transfer points suburban and city lines along the way.

The line will be completely automated and managed by operators in a control center located near the San Cristoforo terminal. There will be 47 brand new subway trains for the new Milan M4 metro line. Platforms will be longer than 60 meters and trains will run every 75 seconds. The 21 stations will be reached via a single track in each direction.

Learn more about the Milano Metro System –

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