The city of Milan is like one big shopping mall.  Some of the world’s most beautiful stores and boutiques can be found in the Milan shopping district. It is a perfect place for gift shopping. However, Milan has a reputation for being expensive and finding designer bargains is like finding a rare flower. Finding Italian style Valentines’ Day gift ideas in Milan is easy and affordable if you know where to go and what to look for.

Shopping for a Valentine’s Day Gift (or any gift)

When shopping for a Valentine’s Day gift, nobody wants to skimp, but let’s face it, 2020 was challenging and we head into 2021 with some uncertainty. Here, we have complied a list of gift ideas for him and her.

Save on gifts at the Milan Sales

The sales in Italy are regulated by the regional government. This year, the Milan sales officially launched on January 7, 2021 but were interrupted by the Red Zone restrictions. All shops, malls and outlets were closed.  Now, the restrictions have been lessened and stores in Milan and the area can now open.  The Lombardy region has announced that the sales will go on until March 7, 2021. Last summer the summer sales period was extended, and many retailers and consumers are hoping an extension will be applied to the winter sales.

You can find further savings at outlets in Milan. For example, at the Scalo Milano Outlet & More there are always discounts of up to 70% off on designer fashion and home décor brands, but during sales time, the savings are even greater, so it’s definitely worth a visit to an outlet, especially now.

When traveling to Milan for a shopping trip, check on the official Lombardy website for the sales dates in Milan. Usually, winter sales start the first week of January and run for about 45 days to mid-February. The summer sales in Milan usually start at the beginning of July and run 45 days to mid-August. In 2020 the sale seasons were extended due to lockdown restrictions and in 2021, the hope is that the sales period will be prolonged as well.

Why give a gift on Valentine’s Day?

Giving a gift or celebrating on Valentine’s Day is often dismissed as something which is useless. Reasons like “I don’t need to show my love with material things,” or “Valentine’s Day is just a commercial holiday,” are common.

Valentine performed secret marriages / Wikimedia

Actually, Valentine’s Day has ancient origins. In 270 A.D. Emperor Claudius forbade marriage because he believed married men made bad soldiers but Valentine, bishop of Interamna, secretly helped couples correspond and performed clandestine marriages. Valentine was clubbed and beheaded by Claudius for celebrating love and was later made Saint. February 14th is Saint Valentine’s Day.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day is celebrating love.  Valentine’s Day is traditionally a celebration of romantic love, but it is also the perfect occasion to let a family member or loved one know that you are thinking of them too.

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

When shopping for a Valentine’s Day gift, don’t make the mistake of falling into the trap of being trite; jewelry for her and a silk tie for him. Be creative and let your loved one know that you listen to them, you know what they like and that you understand and respect their opinions and principals.  A gift given with consideration and thought is much more appreciated.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Knitted Trousers & Tops

  • Where to go: Amelie Milano
  • Gift idea: Wide trousers in ribbed knit. Available in navy blue or beige.
  • Perfect for: The elegant, sporty traveler. She likes to travel light but doesn’t want to give up style, sophistication or comfort.

    Fashion styles made in Italy by Amelie Milano are for the woman who loves elegance and comfort.  Fashion styles by Amelie Milano never outshine a women’s look but help create it. The mix and match styles can be used together or a s separates to create versatile outfits for day and night.
Photo courtesy Douglas, Scalo Milano

Make up & Beauty Accessories

  • Where to go: Douglas
  • Gift Idea: Douglas Collection Glam Palette Trousse 
  • Perfect for: The creative, sociable fashionista. She uses her creativity to express herself and she is always up to date with the latest trends.

Douglas is the leading European specialist in beauty. Douglas offers a selection of both affordable and luxury brand cosmetics and beauty products as well as the exclusive Douglas brand. The Douglas Collection Glam Palette Trousse includes a magnificent variety of eyeshadow and lip gloss, brushes, Liquid Lipstick, Mascara, Lip Pencil, and Eye Pencil. A perfect and complete box for creating breathtaking looks for any occasion.

Photo courtesy Coincasa, Scalo Milano

Home Décor Accents

  • Where to go: Coincasa
  • Gift Idea: Duvet cover in washed cotton satin with embroidered hem and ramage print. 
  • Perfect for: The organized, luxurious homebody. She works hard during the week and loves staying at home on weekends relaxing and winding down. 

Since 1962, Coincasa has been creating and selecting collections, styles and home décor accents from all over the world. Quality materials, attention to detail and an original mix & fusion of styles make Coincasa one of Italy’s leader in home décor retail. Coincasa offers a variety of lines, furniture, and home accessories.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for him

Photos courtesy Salewa, Scalo Milano


  • Where to go: Salewa
  • Gift Idea: Vector Ultralight 22 L Backpack + Odle Polarlite Men’s Jacket
  • Perfect for: The urban commuter and sporty weekend warrior. He can’t wait leave the office so he can be on the football pitch, get on his bike or go for a long hike on the weekends.

Salewa is a made in Italy brand that has been in the sportswear industry since the early 2000’s. They are known for their high-quality climbing, mountaineering and skiwear that offer style, functionality and durability.  Salewa developed the Vector Ultralight backpack as a daypack or travel pack which bundles into a compact stuff sack. Combine it with a warm, quick drying, stretch fleece like the Odle Porlarlite jacket to provide warmth without weight for any alpine mountaineering and ski mountaineering enthusiast.

Photos courtesy Haribo, Scalo Milano

Fruit Flavored Candies

  • Where to go: Haribo
  • Gift Idea: Maxi-bucket of Gold Bears
  • Perfect for: The fun loving, young at heart, dynamic man. He has a beautiful sense of humor and knows how to make you smile.

Haribo has been making gummy bears and jelly candies since 1920 and is loved around the world by both children and adults. Haribo Gold Bears come in small pocket-sized packs of 6 flavors making them ideal for quick snack or for sharing with friends and family.

Classic Felt Hat / Photo courtesy Borsalino, Scalo Milano

Men’s Accessories

  • Where to go: Borsalino
  • Gift Idea: Classic Felt Hat
  • Perfect for: The elegant, traditional gentleman. His shirts are always pressed, he walks with dignity and treats everyone with respect.

Borsalino was originally establish in Alessandria, here in Lombardy and has been milliner and luxury accessory manufacturer since 1857. The Borsalino Classic Felt Hat became a Hollywood icon and must-have item after Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman wore Borsalino hats in the 1930 film Casablanca.  

No matter who you are shopping for on Valentine’s Day you will certainly find something for the one you love. 

Where to Buy

All items mentioned above can be found at Scalo Milano Outlet & More

Getting to Scalo Milano Outlet is easy; there’s a free shuttle bus from P.zza della Repubblica (in front of the newsstand) or from Porta Romana (in front of Corso Lodi, 2) which takes about 20 minutes, or take the S13 train which stops in front of the outlet at the Locate di Triulzi station, or going by car, a 15-20 minute drive from the center of Milan. There is ample parking and a recharging station for electric cars. 

Luxury Delivery Service & Shopping Online

Scalo Milano and Deluxy have partnered to make your shopping experience unique. Gifts purchased at Scalo Milano can be delivered by a Luxury Delivery service. Pamper and surprise your loved one with an exclusive service.

Scalo Milano will delivered your gift by an elegant concierge

Shop from the comfort of your home with Scalo Milano @Casa app or directly at our center and treat yourself to our exclusive delivery service. Choose the perfect gift and Scalo Milano will make it unique by having it delivered by an elegant concierge dressed in jacket, tie and white gloves. Learn more about this exclusive service.

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