We spoke to Summer Crosley, actress and model, known for her role on the TV Series Californication, as well as features in GQ, Vogue, Miami Magazine, Elle …

Summer Crosley, is actress and model, known for her role on the TV Series Californication, as well as features in GQ, Vogue, Miami Magazine, Elle, FHM, Esquire, and Cosmo. You will also see her in campaigns for Ralph Lauren and Rich and Skinny Jeans.

When she is not in front of the camera or walking the runway, she is involved in the Ocean Conservation Program which helps to protect oceans by raising awareness to stop trash and pollution on the beaches.

Milanostyle.com got a chance to speak to Summer Crosley this summer.

MS: As I understand, you have been here many times… What do you think of Milan?
SC: I love it, there is so much culture in Milan, I love the people, the food, the shopping, the nightlife! Everything!

MS: Do you have a favorite neighborhood or hangout in Milan?
SC: Brera is one of the most charming and relaxing neighborhoods in the city. Great streets lined with art galleries and elegant shops, quiet lanes, cozy wine bars, and the most delicious homemade desserts!

MS: What are 3 things you like doing when you get here?
SC: I love Lake Como, The Duomo Cathedral, and the food of course!

MS: Have you worn any Italian designers on the red carpet events?
SC: Not yet, but someday! I love elegant gowns, I’d love to wear Armani. I also love Dolce & Gabbana and Roberto Cavalli.

MS: Have you got any other Italian favorites?
SC: The food!

MS: You seem to be living the dream…working in fashion and travelling
the world. How do you keep grounded and down to earth?
SC: It is all knowing who you are as a person, staying confident and true to yourself and the people around me that are the closest. I will always be the same Summer Crosley that I was when I was a little girl! I was raised with certain values and beliefs and will always hold on to those.

MC: Tell us about your Ocean Conservation program…
SC:  I have traveled to top beach destination such as Bali, Africa, Mexico, Fiji to name a few, to put together beach clean ups to stop trash and pollution on the beaches. Our oceans are becoming polluted and the corals and fish are becoming extinct. I am trying to do everything possible to stop this.

MS: How can the public participate, is there a group in Italy to contact?
SC: You can look into a local Ocean Conservation program in your area and find out ways to get involved.

MS: Did you know there is an aquarium in Milan? It’s really a small place, mostly for educating school groups, maybe you can get in touch with them…
SC:  I did not ! I will have to check that out next time.

MS: Can you share some beauty/fitness tips while travelling?
SC: Always wear sunscreen, drink plenty of water and gets lots of exercise, especially after sitting on long flights.

MS: What have you got coming up? Where will we be seeing you next?
SC: I am working with several fashion brands and will be in several campaigns this coming year!
MS: Give me short honest answers…
SC: OK, …

MS: American coffee or expresso?
SC: expresso

MS: Flip flops or Prada shoes?
SC: Prada shoes or  ballet flats.

MS: Luxury hotel or a friend’s sofa?
SC:  Luxury Hotel.


MS: White wine or red?
SC: Red.

MS: Italian men or French men?
SC: Italian.

MS: Favorite sport?
SC:  Hockey.

MS: Favorite gelato flavor?
SC: Chocolato!

MS:Thanks Summer, best of luck for the future!

You can see and read more about Summer Crosley athttps://www.imdb.com/name/nm3324524/




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