In the post pandemic era where businesses are trying to get back on their feet and society is trying to adjust, isn’t fashion superfluous?

The answer is no, fashion is not superfluous.  Cultural anthropologists have provided insight into past civilizations by studying dress, cloth, textiles, and adornment for centuries. Along with water, food and shelter, clothing is one of the four essential elements for human survival.

It is true, fashion and style are not on the list for human survival, but they are a top priority for many of us. In the past year during the pandemic, fashion has taken a back seat. We have been worried about our family and health, jobs, having access to buy the food and supplies that were needed to live in isolation. What to wear was the last thing on our minds. Going shopping and browsing the sales racks was out of our reach. The feeling of pampering oneself by buying a new bag or dress was gone.

The Christmas season is now in full swing and sparking new interest in shopping. Malls and shopping outlets decorated for the holidays are spreading cheer and a fresh mood.  


Shopping in Milan / SMPO

Now that shops, businesses, and retail outlets are opening again, there is a fresh and almost overwhelming desire to go shopping. There’s even a new phrase to describe the phenomenon; “Revenge Shopping.”  GQ the men’s fashion magazine described it as, “The idea is this: after a year spent mostly indoors, with no parties to attend or hot restaurants to crowd into, people are ready to refresh their wardrobes, to avenge what they were denied, in particular life’s luxurious dignities.”

Fashion and style seem to be synonymous, but the dictionary makes a distinction:
is defined as “a manner of doing something”. Style is defined as “one’s usual way of approaching situations”. Manner of doing describes an action whereas behavior of approach describes a mindset. 

Hardcore fashionistas follow the trends, they want to make statements, express personality, and boldness. The rest of us, just want to look nice and feel good. 

A new post pandemic fashion approach

We may not have even noticed, but our approach to shopping for clothing has changed in the post-pandemic era.

In fact, in an interview in Marie Claire magazine fashion psychologist Shakaila Forbes-Bell said, “The pandemic has caused a shift in the way people engage with their clothing.” She went on to explain the shift in perspective and how people use fashion as expression, “With lockdowns forcing us to stay indoors, the lack of social feedback put the focus on how clothes made us feel rather than their aesthetic value.” 

We are now choosing clothes and styles based on how they make us feel rather than with the aim of creating an image of how want to be perceived. Fashion is still a status symbol, but the expression of status is now an expression of self rather than social standing. Some would say that this new expression of self rather than wealth is called “style”.

“Fashion is what you’re offered four times
 a year by designers. And style is what you choose.”
Lauren Hutton

Before, we would follow the styles and choose an outfit that would make us look more professional, powerful or sensual, not considering how it made us feel. Now, we are creating a style and more mindful about choosing an outfit based on the sense the clothing gives us.

Defining personal style

It is only when we express ourselves in ways that make us feel comfortable and at ease that our true nature is revealed. No matter what your newfound style is, here are some Italian clothing brands that you may want to explore. 

Sporty & Relaxed

There is no denying it, we have gotten used to “dressing down”. Many of us have become the cliché remote worker by wearing sweatpants all day and only putting on a nice jacket for the weekly video meeting with the boss. Wearing sweatpants all day may be comfortable, but after a while, it makes you feel frumpy, and therefore gloomy. You do not have to sacrifice comfort to be stylish.

Look at:


Gaudì / @ScaloMilanoOutlet&More

Vitality, freedom of movement and naturalness is the Gaudì philosophy.

A small but substantial company with its headquarters in Carpi (Mo), it’s a contemporary made in Italy fashion design house employing 165 workers and creating designer styles for men, women, teens and toddlers.

Dreamy & Determined

Style is a natural expression of our unique personality that we wear with confidence and pride.

Anyone working in a creative field is by nature dreamy and romantic yet must also be determined. Whether it be fashion, interior design, or the fine arts, you already have a lighthearted, bright character and clear direction.

Look at:

Denny Rose

Denny Rose /@ScaloMilanoOutlet&More

Denny Rose is for the dynamic, romantic and enterprising woman who looks for quality, style, elegance and sensuality. Founded in 1988 and run by a dreamer and accomplished businesswoman, Daniela Malpighi. She was so convinced of making her dream a reality, she tattooed her trademark on her arm. Now, over 30 years later, the brand has grown but remains a small made in Italy company offering employment to Italian workers and suppliers.

Bold & Confident

Bold and confident fashion style doesn’t always necessarily mean being over the top, but OTT is fun! A zest for life is easy to express with color, shape, and accessories. Patterns and structure can convey your quirky side and sense of humor.

Look at:

Enrico Coveri

Enrico Coveri /@ScaloMilanoOutlet&More

Originally founded by Enrico Coveri, former model, artist and stage designer, today the business is run by his sister and nephews since his passing in 1990. A local, family run business with international acclaim, they keep his memory and vision alive through color and structure while never compromising quality.

Natural & Sustainable

Style can also be expressed in the kind of clothing we buy. Environmental preservation and responsibility are driving forces in consumer decision making today. Wanting to be stylish and socially responsible are no longer conflicting issues. One can be stylish and socially responsible by purchasing from companies using fair trade suppliers, use recycled or repurposed materials or strive to lower carbon emissions. 

Look at:


Altromercato /@ScaloMilanoOutlet&More

Altromercato offers products from fair trade and sustainable supply chains which are transparent and respectful towards suppliers and the environment: ethical fashion items, natural and organic cosmetics, as well as a selection of craftwork and food.

Where to shop

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Article by Celia Abernethy,

Photos have been provided courtesy the Scalo Milano Outlet & More press office (SMPO) but all opinions and reflections expressed in this article are my own.

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