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  • Get a personalized custom itinerary  by completing the form below. I will create a custom day by day plan with useful information so you can create your itinerary for your visit to Milan and/or Lake Como.
  • Get first-hand tips and travel advice for Italy from a local expat who has insider knowledge of the culture, customs and the best finds.
  • Recommendations for accommodation and restaurants.
  • Travel with confidence with travel tips and resources. Follow the plan at your own pace.
  • Save time researching and sifting through the web for the right things to see and do.
  • Download and read offline. You will receive a link to download a PDF of your bespoke itinerary and personalized suggestions so you can print it or read it on your mobile or tablet.
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  • Personalized Itinerary

    Based on the answers you provide in the travel inquiry questionnaire found below, you will get a personalized day by day itinerary complete with activities and experiences. In additional a list of ideas of what to do and see during your free time, where to eat, and where to stay. I will also provide you with information about transportation and getting around, links to useful websites and apps, as well as safety tips and travel tips. Your bespoke itinerary planning list will be delivered to you via email with a link or attachment to your personalized PDF download.

    Browsing the internet searching for vacation tips is time consuming. There is a lot of free information out there, but you can cut that time in half or more by using a local expert.  With my local knowledge I will help you find the best solutions for your needs and budget. I work with a reputable travel agency that works with the upmost professionalism.

    My insider knowledge comes from hands-on experience and research for my job as a travel writer. I write travel guides, tour reviews and create travel content for blogs and publications. I have been living in Italy for over 20 years. I live half the week in Milan and half at Lake Como, getting the best of both the urban and natural landscapes.

    I am not a tour guide. In Italy one needs a special license to be a tour guide. If you’d like to hire a art, historical or tourist guide or join a group, I can find the best one for you and your budget.

    Need help booking restaurants, shopping or just want a helping hand? I can be hired as a personal assistant, personal concierge, or interpreter to help you while you are here.

    All itineraries are unique and personalized.
    Based on the answers in the questionnaire and follow-up notes, I write a personalized itinerary plan which you can downloaded online, print or save on your phone or tablet.

    Pricing is as follows:

    Personalized itinerary €75 + iva (tax)

    • Personalized, downloadable guidebook
    • Custom daily travel plan
    • Tour and activity recommendations and booking links
    • Accommodation recommendations and booking links
    • Transportation recommendations and booking links





    Leave a note in the form below about the other cities you are going to and I will send you any information I have.

    Please try to send your request at least month before coming to Milan/Lake Como. Tickets for exhibits, museums and booking a private tour guide need advance notice.

    Please give me three to four business days to complete your bespoke itinerary. I will email you if I have any delays.

    Note: It may take longer during high-season so please be patient! Thanks 🙂

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