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Italy is among the top romantic destinations in the world. It is a country where you can get swept away by pastoral countryside, quaint seaside villages, idyllic islands, ancient historical sites, and best of all, good wine. Romance awaits in Italy.  You do not need an explanation to see that Italians are very passionate about culture, art, and romance. Although Italians were not the first to invent wine, they have an intense passion for wine. Wine and wine-making has become an essential economical and cultural aspect for the country resulting in the production of quality Italian wines that are exported throughout the world.

The origin of wine in Italy is rooted in ancient Mesopotamia sometime between 3000 and 4000 BC. The art of wine-making was first introduced in Sicily, Southern Italy by the Greeks. You can say that it was love at first taste because the Romans were obsessed so much by it that they keenly followed the Greek’s wine production process and refined it by making new improvements. From that point on, the demand for wine started growing naturally, as the Country’s population increased.

Today, wine tourism in Italy is one of the best performing businesses on the boot shaped peninsula, with a net income of around $3.5 billion every year. Each of the 20 regions of Italy participates in summer wine tourism, with almost every spare inch of the country being turned into a vineyard. Complementing the very famed Italian cuisine as well as the plethora of picturesque sights, tourists get to enjoy wine sampling along any of 140 wine roads, which transverse through the most famous wine regions in Italy.

Reasons Why Italian Summer Wines Are Famous

Italian grapes are grown naturally without chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or any other chemical treatments.

Made from funky native grape varieties

Tired of the usual Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Chardonnay? Challenge your pronunciation and your wine palate with native Italian choices, and start talking of Zibibbo, Schioppettino, Nerello, Cortese, Ca’ del Bosco from the Franciacorta region, etc. The wines can be whites, rosè, or reds and can also be served slightly chilled.

The vineyards are suitable for the planet

Unlike the industrial, agricultural practices that are slowly killing the soil, Italian grapes are grown naturally without chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or any other chemical treatments. This enhances the soil vitality, and consequently, the vitality of the planet.

No headaches

Drinking summer wine produced from naturally grown grapes, low in sulfites and free of additives is right for your body. It is also a sure way of avoiding the morning after headaches.

Italian Summer Wines List

Ca’ del Bosco from the Franciacorta region

Ca’ del Bosco company was founded in the year 1969. It is among the world’s foremost producers of Franciacorta, Italy’s best ranked and revered sparkling wine district in the Lombardy region. Each step involved in the winery’s viticulture processes and winemaking practices is purely based on a relentless commitment to excellence.

Spumante Brut Rose

There is nothing that compares to a rosè with a hint of a bubble to kick off your summer. This is a floral and fruit wine produced from trainer grapes. It is an excellent pick as a companion for summer fish dishes, such as cod. It is a dry, moderately bodied and well-balanced wine that leaves a taste of freshness and refined elegance on your plate.

Carpineto Dogajolo Toscano Rosato

(Try to say that 10 times fast!) In case you would like to totally forgo the bubbles and strictly stick to a rosè this summer, your best choice is Carpineto Dogajolo Toscano Rosato. This is another Tuscan wine best served with grilled fish or cheese platter. It has an exceptional acidic and fresh taste that offers the perfect balance. Its bouquet is made up of fruit and floral aromas of apple, roses, berries and more.

Bottoms up!

The bottom line is, Italian summer wines have taste, real taste. It is like the difference between taking a bite from a garden tomato after years of eating industrialized tomato lookalikes from the store. Once you taste authentic Italian wine, there is no going back.

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