EasySpaghetti handmade in Italy ceramic pasta plate

Easy way to eat spaghetti

EasySpaghetti, a unique handmade in Italy ceramic pasta plate making eating long pasta simple and effortless without compromising elegance and originality.

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Say good-bye to swirling spaghetti on a spoon

I remember being served spaghetti at a dinner party once, I asked for a spoon to twirl my spaghetti on. My Italian husband looked at me sideways asking “What do you need a spoon for?”
To eat my spaghetti!” I replied.
He keenly pointed  out that no one else asked for a spoon, “Only children eat spaghetti with a spoon.” he explained. So, embarrassingly, I twirled, pushed and sloppily ate my spaghetti. Still today, I never order long pasta at a restaurant for fear of making a mess!
But now, Say good-bye to swirling spaghetti on a spoon! I have found the EasySpaghetti hand made in Italy ceramic pasta plate.


Thanks to thorough design research, EasySpaghetti has taken the Italian act of twirling spaghetti, and made it simple and effortless without compromising elegance and originality.

Distinctive & Unique

A unique product, for those who appreciate finer, beautiful things. Its exclusive design has no comparison, it is one of a kind in its functionality and visual appeal. The EasySpaghetti brand has been trademarked and patented.

EasySpaghetti is available in a selection of Mediterranean colors; lime green, Sicilian orange, passion fruit red, sky blue, and classic white and ivory.

Hand Crafted & Made in Italy

EasySpaghetti is a made in Italy product, from the design, project, production and packaging.  From molding to firing and coloring all phases of production are followed and executed step by step by experienced master ceramists.


Perfect for

Home decor, Home entertainment, Restaurant Supply, ItalianRestaurants,  Italian cuisine, Original ceramicware, Kitchen Equipment, Wedding gifts, Unique ceramic collectors.


EasySpaghetti Shop online

English  https://www.bellevy.com/en/buy-online/products-for-sale.html?manufacteur_id=554

Italian    https://www.bellevy.com/it/compra-online/prodotti-in-vendita.html?manufacteur_id=554

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