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Thank you for following! Starting the blog was the best decision I have ever made. It has allowed me to express my creativity (I love writing and taking photos) , travel, try new experiences and it has given me an income and so many new opportunities.

My travel writing and photography has appeared in publications like Huffington PostItalo-AmericanoWellumLuxAfriqueLa Provincia and Corriere della Sera and I have bene sent on assignment for Forbes Travel Guide and as a mystery shopper and guest for luxury hospitality and fashion brands.

I have gotten quite a lot of questions about blogging and making a living blogging from many friends and readers, that’s why I have created a newsletter about blogging.

BLOG BOOM is my newsletter about blogging, building a career and making money as a blogger.

BLOG BOOM will be launching in September 2022. Register now for early bird perks.

In Blog Boom, I aim to answer some of the most common questions about blogging and how to earn money from blogging. If you want to be a blogger or if you manage a company blog I am confident these tips will help you.

My experience as a blogger spans a career of over 20 years; I started as a graphic designer and website developer, learned database integration and e-commerce, worked as a project manager in top web design agencies and now I work for myself generating both active and passive income as a pro-blogger, copywriter and SEO coach and consultant. is just one of my projects, read more about me and my projects here.

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