9 Reasons To Add Turkey To Your Bucket List

There is a saying that the world is a book and those people who don’t travel only read one page. And that is so true in so many ways. Travel can be a good thing for so many reasons, and can add plenty more ‘pages’ to your book. You can learn so much about other people, other cultures, other environments, and also about yourself. But where to travel to next? Of course, your destination can play a part in what you’re able to and the things that you’ll be see and learn. So what the destinations that are already on your bucket list?

One place that ticks the boxes for a whole host of things from culture, to food, and good weather is Turkey. Have you ever thought about adding it to your bucket list? If you are looking for somewhere new, then Turkey could be the place to go. Here are some of the reasons why Turkey can be a great place to visit, and can give you plenty to ‘read’ as you explore.

The People

It can seem like you say ‘the people’ about a lot of different places, because wherever you travel, people can feel like the nicest in the world. But when you’re talking about Turkey, you are talking about some really hospitable people that make you feel most welcome. The tourist industry means a lot to the people of Turkey, so they do embrace it and make the most of it. They will come up and chat to you and offer tea, as well as going out of their way to help you. If you are planning on solo travel or travel with friends where you may need some help, then Turkey can be a good destination of choice as the people are friendly and will want to help.

The Food

The food in Turkey is quite unlike any other. The reason being is that it takes influences from all over the world, due to the unique location of Turkey. Technically it is classed as somewhere in the middle east, so it does take influences from the middle east. But that area of the world does have some strong European influence, as well as Asian. So the food combines a little bit of all of that. Kebabs, stews, pizzas, breads, and other regional specials are all pretty common to be found in Turkey. Most meals come with salad and are usually served with tea and anise seeds at the end to refresh your mouth and clean your palette.

Getting Off The Beaten Track

Turkey is a really large country, so there are many things to see and do; the choice of things to do is so vast. There are the main attractions for tourists to the country, of course, with places like Bodrum and Istanbul being the top choices. But even in the places that are most common for tourists, you could look for a private tour guide in Istanbul Turkey to show you the things that are a little more unusual or that you might not know about otherwise. When you wander off the beaten track a little, wherever in the country that you are, you can really experience the real Turkish hospitality. Places like Eastern Turkey is pretty much a tourist-free zone, so exploring off in places that are less touristy can mean experiencing the best foods, people, and stunning landscapes as well.

History and Culture

There is a lot of history and culture to see and experience in Turkey. Take the Ruins of Ani, for example. These ruins are set out on the eastern side of the country, right nearby to Armenia. The area is so stunning and the landscape is something that is completely stunning. The ruins are in good condition, so it means that you can see some history right there as it has been so well preserved. It can be worth the trek out there because they are in such good condition.


There are many beautiful beaches to visit in Turkey, and other than its larger cities, the beaches tend to be what Turkey is most known for. But did you know that Turkey is also a great location for hiking? Take the Marioland-Flintstone’ish landscapes, for example. They are a based around the Cappadocia region and are a truly a sight to behold. There are plenty of different walks that you can do as there are several different valleys and rock formations, with all different colors and shapes.

Cost and Value

Part of Turkey is classed as Europe technically, so it can naturally be seen as a place that is pretty expensive because of its connotations with Europe. But that isn’t the case at all. It isn’t a super budget destination like areas of southeast Asia, for example, but it is much better for cost than compared with European vacations. You can eat pretty cheaply and travel through taxis and trains is really cheap too. The quality of what you get is pretty good as well.


If you want a really unique experience unlike any other, then spending the day in one of the many bazaars of Turkey can be a really fascinating experience; it is really a sight to behold! To start off with, the whole place is really hustling and bustling with all of the people and the chatter. Then think about the smells and sounds and energy of the markets and bazaars is an amazing place. There are quieter places in the less touristy spots of the country, but the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul is the busiest and biggest so could be worth a visit for something really different.

The Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean Sea by the majority of Turkey is really a stunning thing to see. The beaches look good and have plenty of white sand beaches and clear seas. The watersports and boat trips around are a must in the country too. From some areas like Bodrum and Gumbet, you can even get a boat trip out to Crete, one of the Greek islands, as it is located so close. They do day trips out there so it can be a fun thing to do to mark off two countries in one trip.


Turkey is a country that is made up with a majority of Muslims. And the Islamic faith is really obvious in the country and all that goes into it. You can hear the calls to prayer far and wide, and can even go in and explore mosques when it isn’t time for prayers. If you’ve not been to a county like this before, then it is interesting to see what they get up to and learn more about the country and the religion.

If you are interested in a country that has a lot to offer but that is pretty different to any other, then Turkey could be the place that you could make a trip out to. Eastern Turkey is the best place to be for some quieter trips. But if you are wanting to do some more of hiking, walking, exploring busier cities, and enjoying the stunning Mediterranean Sea, then sticking to the western side of the country is the best place to go. It would be great to hear what you think and what you think about Turkey; have you been before? It is a pretty fascinating country, and could take some time to explore if you want to see all different aspects of it.



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