If you are visiting Milan, you will most certainly be mesmerized by the beauty of the entire city. Its picturesque beauty will remain in your heart. But, don’t go home with just memories, take back something that will remind you of your best days in Milan.

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If you are visiting Milan during Christmas time, there is one thing you can’t miss out on from bringing back home and that is the cake known as Panettone. It is a sweet and spongy bread loaf in a typical cupola shape. It’s a flavorful cake-bread made with dried orange, lemon zest, and raisins too. As the popularity of this cake is growing, more and more variations of the cake are being introduced, including fillings like vanilla and chocolate. Ask us about the best bakeries near your hotel and order a Panettone before your departure.

A macchiato is like a mini-cappuccino


Italians are known for their espresso shots and coffee. So, if there’s one item you can’t miss to bring from there is coffee. The flavors are strong and robust and once you’ve tried it, you will never want to drink any other kind of coffee. If you aren’t a coffee person, try a macchiato. There is a range of popular cafes around Milan that sell some of the most delectable coffee that you can drink and enjoy. Many cafes grind the coffee beans on the premises and you can buy freshly ground coffee in a vacuum packed bag, easy to travel back home with.

Hand Crafted Umbrellas

A stylish and unique souvenir from Milan is a hand craft umbrella by Francesco Maglia. They have a very innovative and original design that is going to set your mind out of the rest. There are the typical rain umbrellas and there are a few amazing silk umbrellas that you can have fun playing around with. Several amazing types of umbrellas are available in the markets of Milan. Ask and look around for the local handicrafts and buy them from there instead of the big shops.

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Designer Bags

Okay, Milan is a fashion capital. So, while you are here, you must check out the designer bags that are made with the best scratch-proof and waterproof design. So, while you are there, go to Via Montenapoleone and browse the shops for some of the most innovative materials and unique designs. Also, look out for good-quality designer bags for an affordable price range. 

With so many different things that Milan has to offer; it is not surprising that people have a lot that they can bring in as souvenirs without any hassle. Moreover, make sure that you also consider investing your money in items that are unique and worth the while.

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